Thursday, September 11, 2014

Brooklyn's Celebrations Round 2

Brooklyn had her party on Sunday but Monday was her actual birthday.  Brooklyn has Monday's off so hubby and I decided to take her to Build a Bear as a little surprise.  Poor Kayla was at school and although it was nice spending some time one on one with Brooklyn our little family felt a bit incomplete without her.  Brooklyn missed her as well, she mentioned at lunch she wished Kayla was with us.  But at Build a Bear she was too busy browsing through all the items to choose from to even think about anything else.  I really thought we would be there forever but she was actually pretty quick at picking out what she wanted.

She quickly chose the pink bear and then it was off to fill her up with stuffing.

Brooklyn picked out a heart and stuffed it in.

Then it was off for a quick bear bath and fluff to get her all ready to try on some outfits

She found a pink sparkly dress and a pair of pajamas for her bear and we were done.
She decided to name her Kate, we have no clue where the name came from but she was very sure of naming the bear Kate.

After creating "Kate" we stopped at Red Robin for lunch, Brooklyn ordered pepperoni pizza and was then surprised with a chocolate sundae for dessert.  She really enjoyed having everyone sing to her of course.

Later on in the evening once Kayla was home we gave Brooklyn her presents from us.

She really wanted these 'surfer barbies' she kept talking about how neat they were cuz she had never seen any like that before so she was extremely excited to see these when she opened her gifts.

It was about time this Parisian loving girl had her own Eiffel Tower for her room

She said it was a great birthday and hasn't stopped playing with all her gifts since.

Tuesday at school I brought in cookies and juice so she could celebrate with her classmates. She had been asking to celebrate her birthday at school ever since we went to Kayla's class last year to celebrate Kayla's 7th birthday.  
They all sang happy birthday to her and she got to wear a crown which of course she was still wearing several hours later when I went to pick her up.  I'd say she enjoyed her 5th birthday celebrations very much!

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Cyn said...

How cute ! Happy B-day to your princess, I still remember when April turned 5 and we had a little birthday party at build the bear. So much fun! Enjoy her age as much as you can, they grow up so fast!