Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Day In This Mama's Life...

Earlier this week I took a lot of pictures to try and document what a typical day in my life is like, I thought it would be fun to have to look back on someday.  I think I might start doing this every few months.  This day was a bit busier than a normal day, it was this past Monday and Brooklyn had her 5 year check up and we were out and about most of the morning so there is a mix of my iphone pics and regular camera pics.
Monday started off at 6:15 am, which honestly I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON, I really dislike getting up early especially if it's still dark out and cold and cloudy which on this particular morning it was.  A lot of the time I take my shower after I drop Kayla off at school but since we had places to be I got up and took a shower right away.

Once out and dressed it's down the hall to light a candle or turn on my scentsy light, right now it's filled with pumpkin spice, gotta have a delicious smelling house, right?!
I don't have to wake my girls because they are both crazy and wake up at the crack of dawn!
Kayla wanted an english muffin for breakfast with NO butter and not heated so that's what she got.  Brooklyn and I both took butter and toasted.

I made Kayla's lunch and helped the girls get ready.

Since it was cooler today, I picked out this outfit for her to wear which I want for myself.

 Then it was time to drop her off at school, they goes my big 2nd grader.

Brooklyn and I headed out to the doctors, she chose the elevator instead of the stairs.  I remember when she used to call it the alligator, when did she start saying words correctly?  Darn growing up!

Here she is looking all cute in her gown waiting for the doctor to come in.  She was pretty excited to find out she didn't even need any shots and is done for quite awhile for her immunizations.  She wasn't technically in the clear on great visits though, the doctor noticed her spine was a small percentage off and wanted her to get some x-rays to make sure it's okay and if it's something we need to follow closer or not.

We drove over to another building and waited a few minutes where poor thing was a bit nervous about having an x-ray done.  Afterwards though she thought it was so cool, she got to see her skeleton which she loved and I'm so mad I didn't take a picture of it!

She thought today was her lucky day, 
no shots, a sticker, lollipop and a trip to Starbucks for a chocolate milk.
She kept saying "this is the best day ever" and "wow I'm super lucky today!"
It's the little things people.

Since we were already out and about we decided to stop by the library and pick out a couple books and dvds.

After that I remembered I needed to pick up a few items from the store.
Yup and I got another bouquet of sunflowers.

Back at home it was time to get some homework done while I threw together dinner in the crockpot.

Kayla has dance on Mondays and by the time she gets out it's pretty much dinnertime so I usually make an easy dinner.  This night consisted of a couple of pork chops mixed with chicken broth, cream of chicken soup, packet of gravy and a packet of onion soup, cook on low for 8 hours or high for 6 hours.  I make mashed potatoes to go along with it, easy and delicious!

After that's all thrown together it's time for lunch.
Finally I was done for a bit and we sat around and watched a movie before it was time to go pick up Kayla from school.

At 2:35 we picked Kayla up from school and she came straight home, got a snack and started on her homework packet.  She got as much as she could get done before getting ready for hip hop.

Dance is only 30 minutes on Monday's which isn't bad just makes our afternoon a bit rushed with trying to get homework in beforehand and dinner taken care of afterwards but she loves it.

As soon as dance is done it's back home to get the potatoes mashed to go with our dinner tonight but first a glass of wine of course.

Hubby is home and we all sit down for dinner only to have Brooklyn once again not like dinner.  Girl never eats dinner!  Atleast she ate her mashed potatoes but that was only after she played with them for a bit.  I thought she would grow out of this not eating thing but here she is 5 and it's still the same. 

Well after cleaning the plates off the table and still waiting for Brooklyn to finish her potatoes I decided to make a quick dessert for the week.  
Why not right, it's only 6:28!!?? 
I made these and they did not disappoint!


After all the baking, cooking and cleaning was taken care of the girls took their baths.  I'm lucky that hubby does bathtime most evenings giving me some downtime where I usually catch up on some blog reading, online browsing or watch a show that I had recorded.  After baths the girls come out and we watch a cartoon together before their bedtime, lately we've been watching Garfield.

Bedtime for the girls is either 7:30 or 8:00 depending on how tired they are, most school nights it's 7:30 but by Thursday I usually let them stay up til 8:00.  Bedtime used to be 8:30 but after many tearful, cranky days we decided more sleep was needed especially since they do not know what sleeping in means!

Once prayers are said, songs are sang and the littles are all tucked in bed hubby and I usually grab an evening snack and watch a favorite show or two.  This night we watched the season premiere of Revenge that we had recorded the night before.

After a few shows I either go to our room and read a little bit or just go to bed.  I LOVE sleep so most nights I am seriously in bed by 9:30, sometimes 10.  If I stay up any later I'm feeling it the next day besides I am exhausted by the time 8:00 hits anyway!

After re-living this day through this post I am sure am glad this week is half way over!
It's no wonder why we love weekends so much.


Billie Jo said...

Love this, Shannon!
I do this once a year as well...And am glad, because the older I get, the less I remember!
I enjoyed sharing your day with you and your sweet family.
Thanks for the recipe too!
Have a wonderful fall, my friend!

becca said...

This is a cool idea!