Tuesday, November 11, 2014

4 Day Weekend Recap

The girls had a four day weekend again and we made sure to take full advantage of it.  Friday night when hubby got home we took the girls to their very first hockey game!  They were so excited and so were we.  My parents surprised us and sent the girls Anaheim Ducks shirts in the mail(thanks Mom & Dad).  They were perfect for the game and the girls looked so cute in them.  

They both loved the first half of the game, Brooklyn stood most of the game and both of the girls were full of excitement at every point scored but by the 3rd period Brooklyn was asking over and over again "can we please go home now?"  and wouldn't ya know it that the game went into overtime.  The Ducks ended up loosing but it was still a great night and both of the girls did really good sitting and watching it even if there were a few complaints here and there.

Saturday was spent getting things taken care of around the house.  I made a delicious Cranberry Breakfast Cake and then hubby did yard work while the girls played outside and I did some cleaning and then planted my paperwhites (can't believe it's so close to Christmas already!)

For dinner Saturday night I made chicken noodle soup for Kayla since she loves it and has also been fighting a cold!  They wanted to eat by candlelight so we turned off the lights and enjoyed a peaceful dinner.  After bathtime we had movie night and we all watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the girls loved it and we've watched it everyday since.

Sunday morning cuddles and lots of games of crazy 8's

The girls were so cute playing together all weekend but Sunday morning they were hiding under the covers making up stories and giggling together.  They are the cutest best friends!

Sunday was date night for hubby and I and the girls didn't mind one bit that they would be spending the afternoon at Grandma and Papas.  They even got to go out to dinner with them so everyone was happy.  Hubby suggested a day down at the beach where we could shop at the mall down there and then after dinner we strolled around Balboa Island with our Starbucks Peppermint Coffees in hand and I got to peek into all the gorgeous homes that were lit up for the night.  It was so much fun, the perfect date if you ask me.

Monday was Ten on Ten and although I started out taking photos for the blog it all went down hill as the day progressed.  I had a doctors appointment to go to followed by a trip to Target and Trader Joes and by the time I got home to upload some of the photos I had taken, the computer was not working.  We knew it was on it's way out but hoped it would make it through the holidays but instead it decided Monday would be a great day to die, why not we were already spending a pretty penny on new tires for my car this afternoon anyway why not pick up a new laptop as well?!

waiting patiently for my flu shot

Before I knew my laptop was dead and I would be buying a new one I picked up these adorable plates for us to use during Christmas.  They are melamine and I figured will be perfect for the girls and their cousins on Christmas day as well (I have four so we need one more cousin!).

Tuesday I was off to a dentist appointment and Kayla really wanted to come along.  She read the entire time, she just wanted to be with me because she didn't like that I was gone the morning before.  She's so cute!

After my appointment we picked up the new laptop and I  went home changed into my sweats(it's finally cold and cloudy today!) and spent the rest of the day getting most of my Christmas shopping done online and getting the computer all set up.  I love the festive color of the new laptop it matches my pillows perfectly!!

The girls drank Hot Cocoa and I watched Hallmark Christmas movies the rest of the day!  

Only 3 more days until the weekend :)

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Kelli said...

Ok every year I say I am going to plant paperwhites and then I end up not getting around to it....I am going to make an effort the get some this weekend. Are they easy to take care of?