Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Well since all of the Christmas is packaged up and stored away and tomorrow will already be New Years Eve I figure I better get things together and finish up sharing our holiday pictures!
Christmas morning started at 7am in our house, we told the girls if they got up earlier than that they would have to hang out quietly in their rooms and once it was 7 they could come get us up and they actually listened which was perfect!! 

They waited patiently down the hall for us to make sure that Santa came and we could get the camera all set up and then when I walked back to tell them they were free to check what Santa had left them I saw them standing holding hands, so sweet.

They obviously got some great things and were not disappointed at all.

Brooklyn loved the Kiki and Coco in Paris book so she was super excited to see the new version left for her and when I told her about the book Just Being Audrey and how it was about a beautiful actress that used her celebrity to genuinely help others she replied "just like me when I grow up mommy!"

I think the green bird is and was Kayla's favorite present from Santa, she loves that thing so much.

Stockings were stuffed with a chocolate Santa,  Lush bath goods(thank you Aunt Becca for turning us onto these, we love them!), gum for Kayla, scarves, lipgloss and a game for each of their leap pads which they loved 

After playing with all the new toys and getting a little cleaning done it was time to get ready for the rest of the family to arrive. 

Hubby just looked too cute in my apron getting the mashed potatoes ready to not take a pic!

It was once again a great time with the family and eventually after dinner it was time to open more presents.  I don't think the kids were disappointed with their piles of presents in front of them.

We are so lucky to have all of our amazing family members nearby so we can share these holidays with all of them.  Every year just when I think this Christmas can't top the previous years celebration, it does!

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Billie Jo said...

Shannon...what an absolutely lovely Christmas!!!
Your girls look like they were having the best day ever!!!
And I loved your hair!!!
So happy it was Merry. : )
But can you even believe it is over?!