Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving Break Part 2

As soon as I got up and ready Friday morning the girls and I were off to shop til we dropped!  For the past 5 years or so I have met my mom, grandmother and sister in law for some black Friday shopping.  Last year Kayla went for the first time and this year Brooklyn joined in on the fun.  My grandmother likes to take each of the girls out so we can pick out our Christmas gift and then we all go to lunch afterwards.   I tend to get to the mall earlier than when we plan to meet to get some other shopping done but since I'm just about done with all my shopping this year there was no need to shop for any other gifts than to pick out our own gift.  The girls were both really good and it was fun having us all together.

After lunch we headed back home and I headed straight for my bed while daddy took the girls outside and started on the Christmas lights.  I didn't feel good so a nap was needed but I found it hard to sleep with all the things I needed to get done running through my head.  Eventually I got up and started gathering up all the Fall decor which is about as much as I could do for the day.  Saturday morning all the Christmas decorations got brought in and I spent most of the day decorating.  I was mostly done and exhausted by 3pm and hubby suggested a relaxing bath which was perfect!  By 4pm I was in my pajamas curled up on the couch with some peppermint tea and a Christmas magazine.

I felt a little better Sunday morning which was good because we had told the girls we were going to take them to the movies to see the Penguins of Madagascar.  They loved the movie, I fell asleep!

After we went out to lunch and picked up a few needed things at Michaels we were back home.
The girls spent the remainder of the day reading together.  Kayla read the entire Magic Treehouse, book 1 to Brooklyn.  They are Kayla's favorite books right now and she wanted Brooklyn to hear it.  Brooklyn loved it!  It was so nice to have an entire week off from school, can't wait for Christmas vacation but first I've gotta fit in as many fun Christmas activities as possible!!!

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