Monday, December 8, 2014

Visit with Santa and Holiday Lights

Saturday afternoon we took the girls to see Santa and this year we got lucky because we were nearby a mall where DreamWorks set up their Shrek inspired Christmas.  The girls didn't know what was in store they only knew we were going to see Santa. 

Kayla read on the ride out to the mall and meet Gingy, she is Kayla's creation who is supposed to go everywhere with her for the next couple of weeks for a school project.

Once we arrived I took a few photos of the girls looking all pretty in red.

Inside this cute cottage was where Santa was.
You had to make a reservation and we had some time to spare so the girls watched the tv screens on the outside of the cottage and then we tried to get some gifts bought as well.

Not much got done as far as shopping because this is what happens when you take these two crazies out in public,

Finally it was our time to go in to the cottage.  When we first walked in we were taken into a room where they told us we were going to meet Santa but when they pulled up the curtain Santa was gone.  Kayla was all smiles but Brooklyn was a little worried but right away a video with Shrek and Donkey came on telling us that we would be traveling to the North Pole to see Santa and then we were led into a room where the girls got to design and name their own sleighs.

 Kayla's Sleigh

Brooklyn's Sleigh

After the sleighs were done we were led into another room to board a sleigh that would take us to the North Pole.  This is where our very timid Brooklyn got a little freaked out.  She does not like being in dark spaces especially when she doesn't know what is going on.  Kayla sat right up front and we took Brooklyn to the back and she sat on my lap.  I had to keep telling her it was alright it's just a ride and it'll be fun she eventually enjoyed it once it started.  After the ride we were off to wait for Santa and while we waited they had a computer game for everyone to play which the girls loved.  We waited maybe 5 minutes and then got called in to see Santa, the girls sat down and told Santa what they wanted, Kayla books and Brooklyn a pink scooter.  They took their pictures and then Santa said he wanted to tell them 2 more things, 
"Santa loves you and Never stop believing" 
yup this is where I got very teary eyed.  

Here is a video of the girls telling Santa what they want for Christmas, 

My nephew saw Santa after us so we met up later and all went to dinner but first we had to take some pictures of the cousins looking all cute together.

While at dinner hubby and I taught Jonas to "Cheers"  he loved it and my brother and sister in law did too but give it a few mealtimes and it will get old, have fun with that!!   
He is so cute!

After dinner we drove up to my in laws and then headed over to see the Christmas lights.  The girls were already tired but we all still wanted to go so we gave it a shot.  We didn't walk around the entire thing because they were tired and getting  cranky so we stopped back in at my in laws friends and hung out for a bit and then headed back home.  It was a packed day and a great way to start off the holiday festivities!


Becca said...

It was so fun! I love that first pic of the girls with Santa! They look so tiny!

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Oh what a Fun Place to Visit Santa at.The Girls are Darling and a Beautiful Setting for Photos.

Happy Holidays ! Cheers