Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Ten on Ten

ten on ten button

Happy December 10th!!
When I woke up this morning and plugged in all the lights on the trees in our house I saw this and may have gasped.
15 Days People!!!
No more messing around I have lots to get done this week so I can spend the next 2 weeks enjoying Every Single Bit of Christmas!

Right after dropping Kayla off at school it was straight home to iron.  I always have a giant pile in our closet because I loathe ironing but after this morning it is done....atleast until the pile gets too big again.

Next up, finishing our Christmas cards.
Just need to pick up some more stamps and then they are on their way.

I also spent some time wrapping and getting gifts together.  I have a list of what is left to pick up that I'm hoping to get done tomorrow while both girls are in school.  All the presents are purchased just need to put them all together. Yay!

We are finally getting more rain on Friday so I spent a good amount of time cleaning up the backyard and brought in a few roses that were left on the bushes.

Finally it was time to sit down and enjoy lunch with this cutie and watch a Christmas movie together.

Soon enough it was time to pick up Kayla from school!

Back home to make my caramels for Christmas

and this is what is getting me through my day

Now it's time to quickly get dressed and off to ballet and tap for this cutie and afterwards my day is finally done!


Kristine said...

1) love Kayla's kitty top
2) B posing is just adorable and I love that you have her first tutu and leotard hanging in her room
3) what is your caramels recipe?


You are definitely ready for Christmas! Do the girls ever try and open the gifts under the tree before Christmas if they see their name on it?

Billie Jo said...

Enjoyed sharing your day with you, my friend...
Ironing. Yep.
Amd I am with getting done and enjoying the last few weeks before Chrismas!!!!!

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

I'm stopping by from a bit of sunshine, and I love your beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing your day!