Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas Tree

Our Christmas tree was picked out in record time this year!!  After last years hour or more search for the perfect tree I decided this year we would be going to Home Depot to pick one out which not only saved us time but saved us about $50.00!!  I will say though that last years tree was much prettier but it's just a tree, right!??  We all waited patiently for daddy to string on all the lights and bring in the tree so the girls could decorate it.  This is the one thing I don't decorate, I think I put on maybe 5 ornaments and the girls and hubby do the rest I just unwrap all the ornaments for them to hang.  I think they do a great job!

The star goes on last and both the girls agreed Brooklyn would put it on first and then we would take it off so Kayla could do it next and then mommy will fix it accordingly.  Brooklyn was so excited for this part

and then this happened,

it's not Christmas until I get a picture of this girl crying near a Christmas tree.   We all tried to move her to cry in front of the tree to match up all the other years Christmas tree tears pics but she wasn't having it.  Apparently she didn't understand or care that Kayla still needed a turn putting the star on.  Kayla still got her turn and sure enough is getting a little too heavy to lift up now that she is so big!

Eventually the tears dried up and we were all full of Christmas cheer once again!

Even though this tree may not be as perfect as last years it still smells amazing and once all the lights are turned off and all you see is the twinkling lights nothing else matters.


Billie Jo said...

Shannon, it is beautiful!!!!
And yes.... The star thing.
Same here! : )

Becca said...

Brooklyn and Jonas have the same crying face in that picture! Hahaha. I love that they each get a turn to do the star.

Sheri said...

Looks great! Miss my babies being little. But at least they still help decorate the tree :) xo

Kelli said...

Beautiful pictures Shannon! I love the star idea!