Wednesday, January 21, 2015

"I Feel Like a Big Girl Now"

"I feel like a big girl now, I have my ears pierced and I get to do Legos"  Brooklyn exclaimed shortly after getting her ears pierced.  She had been talking about getting her ears pierced for the past month or so and I intended on doing it over the winter break but things got busy and I was worried she would chicken out once we got there so I just let it go.  Well she kept reminding me that she wanted to get them done and since we were nearby the mall on Monday and Kayla would be with us I decided we would stop by and see what happened.  Kayla does not yet have her ears pierced because she is too afraid it will hurt so I sort of wanted her there to see what happens so she could decide if she wanted hers done or not.  We got to Claires and I showed Brooklyn her earring choices and she was still a bit unsure so I said we would stop into another store and she could have some time to decide she ended up rushing me out of my store so she could get back to Claires to get her ears pierced.  She picked out the cutest Hello Kitty earrings and they got her all set up.  I warned her that it would hurt and could possibly hurt a day or two after but she was still ready.

She's a bit excited waiting for it to happen!

Prepping her ears for the procedure,

Before with her sweet little baby ears

Once they pierced her ears she was trying soooooo hard to not cry and she did fine until mommy asked her if she was okay

then her eyes watered up while still trying to be brave.  She did really good and was over it as soon as I told her how beautiful her ears looked.   Soon she was jumping off the chair to go take a look in the mirror.

Her ears haven't bothered her at all and she is constantly reminding me to make sure we clean and twist them.  She was so excited to go to school on Tuesday to show all her friends!   Kayla didn't want to get hers done afterwards but after we got home that night and Brooklyn and I started to talk about earrings at dinner Kayla said she should have gotten hers pierced too.  Looks like we might be going back sometime soon!  


Billie Jo said...

She looks beautiful!
Think I'll ask Flynn. : )

Kelli said...

Love her sweet little face. Juliana got her ears pierced in April but she let them grow back because she did not like having to take them out and put back in once soccer started in June!! She is so stubborn!