Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Weekend Recap

It was a three day weekend for the girls and although daddy didn't have Monday off he had Friday off  and since the movie Paddington had came out we decided we would surprise the girls and take them to see the movie and then go out to dinner.  We checked Kayla out from school about an hour early.  She was a bit serious when I picked her up since she didn't know what was going on.  We didn't tell them where we were going so they were both very curious on the car ride there.  The movie was super cute, we all enjoyed it and the girls were happy to see it as well as go out to dinner!

Saturday morning I made banana chocolate chip pancakes and sausage for breakfast.  Kayla had softball evaluations in the afternoon and then we were off to my in laws to celebrate my birthday from a few weeks prior.

Kayla did so good at her evaluations and they even had her pitch which she had NEVER done before.  She did pretty good too for not knowing what she was doing.  I was super proud of her!!

Sunday was declared yardwork day for mommy and daddy while the girls rode bikes and played.  I spent a lot of time cutting back rose bushes and I'm still not done.  Luckily they are worth it because they are a lot of work!

I took some time out so we could check out our Little Passports activity.  The girls loved the dig set but it was taking quite awhile to get to the center so eventually we all decided to break it by throwing it on the concrete to get to the toy inside.

We(meaning hubby)  pulled this rose bush out and it will soon be replaced with a new one.  It made me way too nervous every year with the horrible amount of thorns on it and having kids running around nearby so it had to go!

While our backs were aching and we were outside exhausted the girls decided they were tired too and needed a break to watch t.v.  Kayla is loving  the National Geographic channel lately so that is what they decided to watch

Later on both of the girls helped out to make dinner 

and afterward they played some Uno

This is how Brooklyn decided to play midway through the game

Monday daddy was back at work and the girls and I had a full day of errands but first up it was a trip to the dentist.  The girls were such troopers with all our stops and we even fit in some time for them to spend their gift cards at Target and get Brooklyn's ears pierced which I will be back with pictures to share soon.

Today both of the girls are back in school and I am swamped with laundry and trying to catch up on a few shows I've missed.  I'm happy this is going to be a short week and the weekend will be here in a couple more days!!  It's so nice having everyone home on the weekends.

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Felipe Roberson said...

Wow! Looks like you had such a fun weekend. It's nice that you capped it off with a trip to the dentist. Good oral health is very important, and I admire you for being a steward of that to your kids. That's what tends to seal the deal, in terms of clean bills of health. It's good that despite your busy schedule, you found time to get yourself that. Anyway, thanks for sharing all about your fun weekend! All the best to the whole family!

Felipe Roberson @ Philly Dentist