Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year's Eve

Happy 2015!
2015 started at 8am in our house!!  I can't believe I got to sleep in until 8, that's a great way to start the New Year if ya ask me.  The rose parade was turned on and the girls played and ran around.  We will be lounging around at home today while hubby watches football and I hope to feel better because I do not want to be sick tomorrow for my birthday!  Last night was far from a party night for us.  Hubby got stuck at work due to all of the unexpected snow in nearby cities so our appetizer dinner was postponed until about 7:30pm.  I was already sick and not feeling too well and then hubby got home and didn't sound to great either.  He spent all day out in the cold while at work which I'm sure didn't help with keeping him healthy.  After dinner he went off to shower and the girls and I played Trouble where of course Kayla won.  We watched Rudolphs Shiny New Year and Charlie Brown New Years and then wrapped up the party and all went to bed.  Of course there were party horns here and there throughout the night and the girls were very entertaining at dinner with their giggly excitement.  I baked a cake earlier in the day for our dessert and to also celebrate my birthday but by 9:45pm we were all tucked in bed and done with twenty fourteen.


I saw this quote yesterday and I love it so much.  I don't make New Years resolutions because I have never really been into it but lately I have this urge to travel and see things not just with my hubby but with the girls along as well.  I want them to grow up and have that knowledge of the world and what is really important, not all of the fairytale of amusement parks and fantasy that they have seen so much of in the past.  We are planning on taking a road trip this Summer up the coast to San Francisco with many stops along the way and I could not be more excited.   So here's to 2015 and hopefully the beginning of some fun family travels!


Anonymous said...

I love your little blog!! Happy new year to you and your family!!

Kelli said...

Sorry you were not feeling good in New Years . It was crazy all the snow you got your way. My sister was visiting friends in temecula and sent me pictures of the snow.
Love seeing pictures of yoir cute girls.
Also if you visit SF you know it is only a few hours from me??:)