Monday, January 5, 2015

Christmas Break and Birthday Celebrations

Kayla started back at school today and was so extremely excited this morning to see all her friends again.  Brooklyn was sad that her best buddy was gone and she was on her own for the day because after shopping we were straight home to tackle the laundry and mop the floors.  She spent her morning putting together Legos she had bought with her Christmas money which she was super excited to show Kayla her accomplishments after we picked her up from school.  Tomorrow morning both girls will be in school and I'm looking forward to the time alone.  Christmas break flew by which I knew would happen since the first week was all Christmas prep and the second week wasn't too fun since I was sick from Tuesday until Saturday.   Luckily Monday I took the girls to see Annie, which we loved and then we went out to lunch so atleast we got one day in out and about.  Other than that day we were home except for a few birthday celebrations and hanging out with friends this past Saturday night.  I think I'll have to plan some fun for the girls next week off in February.

Tuesday it rained and we hoped for snow which we got but it just didn't stick.  The girls spent the rainy day playing with CrazySand and I mean the day.  They happily played together for almost 3 hours and only cleaned it up because I needed to get dinner started.

Wednesday was New Years Eve which didn't last until midnight since I was sick and hubby wasn't feeling well either.  We spent New Years day playing games and lounging around hoping to feel better!

There was a lot of dress up going on, Sofia the First made an appearance,

games, games, games and more games were played.  These are just the ones we got for Christmas we already have a huge basket full of others!  Trouble has been the favorite so far, we've all played it daily atleast once.

My grandfather's birthday was last Monday and we had all gathered at my parents the Saturday beforehand to celebrate.

 The cousins got to hang for a little bit and get crazy

and we took a couple family pictures.
LOVE the below picture!
(sorry to my sis-n-law for stealing my nephew for the picture, he is just too adorable)

On Friday I was still not feeling 100% so instead of our original plans for my birthday hubby and I just went out to dinner but we spent the morning lounging around and since it was my birthday I wanted us all to watch a movie together.

We watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and it was sooooooo good, we loved it and even watched it again on Saturday.

Later in the day we took the girls to my parents so we could go out for a quiet meal.  I was happy to have a glass of wine and lobster bisque along with my meal.

After dinner we stopped in at Homegoods, took a look around and then picked up the girls and headed home.  Nothing too exciting but it was still a good day and good 2 weeks off from getting up early and rushing out the door to drop off.  I'm sad to be back to reality of running around but I am looking forward to the morning to myself tomorrow!


Billie Jo said...

Happy Birthday! And glad you are feeling better! That wonderful week flies by doesn't it?! Your girls look as if they had an amazing time!! Have a quiet, cozy morning tomorrow! I'm off to watch the Bachelor!!!

Kelli said...

Love the last picture of you and your husband. Hope you are feeling better. Fingers crossed we have not been sick here...there are a lot of really sick kids in Our area so we are eating oranges and taking vitamin c.
Ray and I are headed to Palm Springs next for my birthday. ...if I remember correctly you have a relative there. If so do you have any good resturant suggestions?

Becca said...

I love the pic with everyone! Definitely a framer for your grandparents.