Saturday, January 10, 2015

Ten on Ten

ten on ten button

It's Saturday and Ten on Ten!
We are spending most of the day hanging out at home and then later this evening the girls and I will be off to Brooklyn's besties birthday party.
The morning started off with a cup of chai tea while the girls ate breakfast.

Kayla asks just about everyday to play online she only gets a yes if she's been good and the time is limited and of course Brooklyn gets her turn after then they are back to playing together with their toys.

I spent some time reading

The girls like setting up Mousetrap and taking turns capturing the mouse more than actually playing the game

Apparently they were starving so at 10 minutes til 11 they pulled out everything I needed to make them their lunch.

After lunch I dragged them outside, Brooklyn was excited to go outside but Kayla whined and complained.  While Kayla pouted Brooklyn and I practiced some softball and eventually Kayla came around and played too.

After some practice the girls rode their scooters, bikes and drove around their car.  

Once we came in Brooklyn got to work on making her friend a birthday card for the party this evening.

My brother in law stopped by to hang out and eat our food.  The boys hung out and watched football most of the afternoon while the girls watched Madagascar in the other room

and of course we fit in some time to play Trouble!

It's supposed to rain all day tomorrow so it looks like our Sunday will be filled with more games and hanging out at home which sounds good to me!


Billie Jo said...

Enjoy your cozy rainy day!!!!

erica @ that wild road said...

looks like fun! mousetrap! I'm joining up for ten on ten for the first time this year. hoping to make it all the way through!

Brook Powell said...

#8 is my favorite. Littles make the best cards.
Thanks for sharing.