Sunday, January 25, 2015

Week in Review

The past week flew by since Monday was a holiday but we had a fair share of down time at home so it was perfect.  I love the month of January because after months and months of running constant errands there is finally time to drop the girls off at school and just come home and relax.  There are very little errands to run and more time to enjoy just being home!

Brooklyn is loving Lego Friends lately and just like her sister she is pretty darn good at building on her own.  Her ears are doing great!  I haven't had a single problem with her letting me clean or turn them.

I mentioned on my Friday Favorites post how much I love my Happy Everything platter.  It makes me so happy when I see it in my kitchen each day.  Right now it is all set for Valentines day with the heart attachment.  Pretty much all of my decorating for the holiday so far is shown below.  I'll pull out the rest of the Valentines day goods next week.

My Kayla working on homework after school.

Like I said we've had some down time at home which means morning cuddles and reading together in bed after Kayla is dropped off at school.

 Tuesday after drop off  I stopped at Starbucks to grab a chai latte and then came back home to watch some Real Housewives in a quiet house.

Both of the girls love writing stories and drawing pictures to go along with it, here is Brooklyn's newest creation.

Kayla on Friday morning, she was out and supposedly ready to go to school and right after I locked up and the alarm was set she remembered she had forgotten something! 

Brooklyn and I did some antiquing, she loves finding the store kitty's whenever we hit up the local antique shops.  Besides the kitty's she is so fun to antique with, she is my little decorator in the making.  She thoroughly gets excited and likes to look at everything just like her mama.

Friday after school is my favorite.  The girls asked for a snack so I gave them some popcorn and we popped in a movie.

I even caught them cuddling #myheartmelts

My father in law came over to hang out with us and took us out for some mexican food then back home to play some games.  He even won playing Trouble, Kayla was a little disappointed she didn't win she wanted to show him how good she was.

Now onto a weekend full of relaxing as well!


Becca said...

Looks like a fun week! Brooklyn's ears are so cute. Kayla reminds me of the time sadie forgot to wear pants to kindergarten!! Hahaha

Kelli said...

Love your new plate!
Sounds like a good week. I LOVE real housewives as well!

Kristine said...

Your FIL loves the girls so much, it's endearing. Yay for grandpas! ;)