Thursday, February 26, 2015

Father/Daughter Dance

On Friday the 13th Kayla had her very first dance.  It was a father/daughter sock hop held at her school and she was so excited, as was I!
I might have teared up a bit when she first told me she might want to go this year, last year she passed and I was sad but I think after hearing all about it through friends and all the fun they had she decided to go this year.  

She wasn't too excited about all the pictures I took before but quickly got over it as you can see she looks like one excited 7 year old!

 Daddy had rushed home from work and had to get ready quick, I had pretty much already lost daylight so I didn't get too many good pictures of them together.  They needed to get off to the dance!

Although she was excited she told me she was nervous before they left.  She was a little worried that she would be the only one dressed in a poodle skirt and didn't want to look dumb.  I reassured her that there will probably be girls dressed in regular dresses but there will definitely be poodle skirts as well.  Before they left I made sure to tell hubby to send me a few pics throughout the night, this one below is Kayla waiting in line to get in, she told daddy her "tummy had butterflies"

once they arrived they took pictures and grabbed a snack, she was excited to have a box of cracker jacks and especially a mini coke since there is usually no soda drinking 

even though most of her friends weren't dressed in poodle skirts she said that there were a lot of others dressed in them so she was happy she wore one.  Hubby said they danced a lot together and that she also danced with her friends.  He got a good laugh at how giggly all those girls were together and listening to them scream "oh my gosh it's my favorite song!" throughout the night as they would run off to the dance floor! 

At one point he sent me this video and asked "how does our daughter know how to do the Macarena??"   Too funny!  Her school is so fun that on Fridays they have dj dance party at lunch and they teach all the kids how to do those silly dances.

I'm so happy they had such a great time!  Brooklyn was sad she couldn't go but next year daddy will have two dates to the father/daughter dance and I'll be looking forward to taking all those pictures and hearing all about that night!


Tara said...

She is DARLING! Oh her ear to ear smile made my day!

Kelli said...

Love her outfit! How fun that her school has a father daughter dance. Mod they do a mother son event?

Billie Jo said...

Her smile!!!
What a wonderful memory! : )

Kristine said...

Too cute! Next year Chris will have a little lady on each arm. 😃