Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Ten on Ten

ten on ten button

Welcome to February's Ten on Ten!
Both of the girls are in school today so most of my morning was spent running errands and gathering things for our Valentine's day on Saturday.  Here is what happened when I was home today, 

first up on the morning to do list is check the calendar to see what the day looks like, luckily for me it's Tuesday which is the only day during the week where we have no where to be after school!!!

Both girls are all ready for school

My morning haul of shopping, Target, World Market, Big 5 and my favorite, Trader Joe's.

after eating a quick lunch it was time to go pick up Brooklyn, she is happy to be back home playing with her legos.

my PopSugar box arrived today and it did not disappoint!  Chocolate, jewelry, bubble bath, heart cheeseboard, nailpolish and make up.....I don't think it could get any better for this month!

Since today is the only day we are home after school we had to get all Valentine's taken care of and ready to go for class parties.  These are Brooklyn's all ready for Thursday morning.

Once Kayla got home she got to work and finished up hers

After valentine's were done the girls did a craft that their papa brought them a few weeks ago

w read some Valentine's books

and when the crafting was all done we hung the hearts up!

It was a great Tuesday.  After running to practices after school last week and yesterday I can definitely appreciate slow evenings at home!


Kristine said...

Those Valentine heart buntings are too cute. And chocolate and a heart-shaped cheeseboard? Adorable! Hope you guys have the loveliest Valentines Day.

Joy Scout said...

What a sweet sweet day with your girls!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful day!! SO what is all at trader Joes?? We are finally getting one here:) elma2179@yahoo.com