Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine's Day Parties

Our home is completely filled with candy and sweets right now.  After two Valentine parties that the girls celebrated at school it feels like Halloween all over again!  Thursday morning was Brooklyn's Pre-K Valentines day party and she was ready decked out in all pink from head to toe!

I love, love, love being able to help out in her classroom with all those little boys and girls especially for Valentine's day.  It was loud and chaotic with excitement all around, everything it should be!  Just look at all those goodies she got from her friends,

This adorable little fella is Brayden and they are and I quote "in love and are getting married someday!"  I think they would make an adorable couple 15 years from now!  Neither of them are happy with the fact that they will be attending different schools next year though, poor lovebirds.

 After all the Valentine's were handed out they got down to business decorating cookies and eating them.  There were Valentine books read and then they were all sent outside to play to run off all that sugar they inhaled while celebrating. 

Today was Kayla's day to celebrate with her class and she even got to decorate her own Valentine box.  We searched online for some inspiration and fell in love with a monster box so that is what we made.  We made a few minor changes and loved they way it came out!  She was so excited to take it to school this morning and when I picked her up she said everyone loved it!

At pick up she came out with her box full of goodies as well as her backpack full of cookies, cupcakes and more candies.  They got to watch The Fox and the Hound after lunch while they snacked on all their goodies but she said they ran out of time and didn't get to finish the movie since it was time to go home.  She's looking forward to watching it at grandma and papa's next week to see the ending :)

Right when I picked her up today one of her "best buddies", Robbie ran over to hand her a special Valentine basket!   She was so surprised and I thought it was the cutest thing ever.  I was so mad I didn't have my phone on me right there to get a picture of them both!  I told him and his mom thank you so much and Kayla gave him a hug.

When we got home we went through all her Valentine's and her new puppy helped her pick out a special treat to eat.  Tonight Kayla and her daddy are off to the father/daughter sock hop dance at her school while Brooklyn and I have a relaxing night in.  I'm looking forward to taking some cute pictures of my big girl going off to her first dance.