Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Valentine's Day

I was so happy that Valentine's Day landed on a Saturday this year I kept thinking how nice it would be having the whole day to celebrate and be home with the family and no rushing.  Well I had to get my hair done in the afternoon which took a lot longer than I thought would have and was kinda bummed as was Kayla that I was leaving for a period of time.  I made sure though to make a delicious breakfast for us to enjoy beforehand.   I used to make breakfast pizza for hubby and I all the time before we ever had kids and had not made it since the girls were born so when he suggested it for breakfast I agreed.  It is so good and easy to make, I'll share the recipe later but first on with our day!

The table was set before bed since I knew the girls would be up first, I had laid out their valentine's day cards on their plates and when we woke up Brooklyn had also set out the cards she had made for each of us as well.

We ate our delicious fruit filled pizza and off I went to get ready.  Kayla was very unhappy I was leaving and cried and cried to come with me.  I had time to spare before I left so we spent awhile together curled up on her bed reading through a book together which helped but when I got home she was very happy to see me!

Our weather has been very un-Winter like so we made sure to soak it up in the back yard and watched the girls play around on their scooters for a bit until we got too hot and decided a movie inside would be a better idea.

Soon enough it was dinner and hubby and I popped open our favorite champagne I had picked up earlier in the week and I got to work making dinner, heart shaped pasta with shrimp.

After dinner the girls decorated our strawberry cake with sprinkles before we each enjoyed a slice

The best part of the day though was the scavenger hunt I set up for the girls to find their gift from us.
As soon as dinner and dessert was cleared off the table I handed them their first clue!

This was a huge hit and so fun watching the girls run around the house and work together to figure out where to look next.  In the end they were led to the bathtub where they found some light up rubber duckies and the clue below which led them back to us to find their gifts.

These "big eyes" as we call them, tiny stuffed animals are like gold to these girls.  They LOVE them so it's always a hit when they get one.  Some candy and a bracelet to go along with it was a perfect gift for each of them and they were happy as can be!

They immediately drug out all their other little "big eyes" and played together before a bubble bath together in the master bath followed by popcorn and A Charlie Brown Valentine before bed.  It was such a fun day spent together but the highlight was the scavenger hunt which we will be doing again for sure!


Billie Jo said...

I love your Love Day!!!
Everything you planned was perfect...
Soooo lovely.
Andy your girls? Those smiles?
Adore. : )

Tara said...

Looks lovely, and perfect, and your girls seem so giggly and sweet.

Kelli said...

Sounds like a perfect day Shannon. When we finally meet we need to antique shop and drink champagne.
We spent Sunday in San Fransico and I thought of you and your possible summer trip there.

Jill said...

So sweet! I love doing scavenger hunts with my girls :-) Looks like a lovely day. I love the pictures of no snow too, so ready for warm weather and Spring to arrive here! Have a great week!


Becca said...

So fun and cute!!