Monday, February 2, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend went by way too fast and I feel like I need another day to sleep in and relax a bit!  Saturday we spent the morning cleaning up and getting some things done before our friends came over for an evening of fun.  My brother, sister in law and nephew came over a little early since they knew they would probably have to leave a little early for bedtime.  The girls loved having some extra time with their cousin and hubby and I were extra excited to see how much he has changed since a few weeks ago.  Before everyone arrived I took some fun pictures of the cousins together.

Kayla has two 2nd grade teachers this year and I actually went to high school with one of her teachers.  She wasn't at the school on Friday when Kayla received her reading award so when she came over Saturday night she brought Kayla a balloon and the sweetest card to congratulate her.  Kayla was beyond excited to receive the card and balloon.  She did not let that balloon out of her hands the rest of the night!  I'm so happy she has two amazing teachers that really care about her and are just as proud of her as we are!!!

After a long Saturday night we spent our Super Bowl Sunday at home.  I finally pulled out our Valentines decor and the girls played catch out in the back with their dad.

Soon enough it was time to come in for the super bowl game.  The girls know that super bowl means pigs and a blanket and it never fails that they make sure I don't forget!  We made a few snacks and then camped out infront of the t.v.  Eventually the girls made their way to the other room to watch the puppy bowl where Kayla watched the entire thing.  Hubby and I were cracking up because we could hear her cheering for her team, she really got into it.  While everyone watched their bowl games I shopped online, obviously I'm not much of a football fan! 

We ate horribly this weekend and just looking at the above picture is making me a bit sick!  We will definitely have to fit in some healthy dinners this week if possible.  Both of the girls decided they were done with dance as of last week so I was really looking forward to having the next two weeks off from running from place to place.  In the past softball starts about the middle of February but Saturday we got a call from Brooklyn's coach and practices are already scheduled starting TONIGHT!   So much for a week off now, we haven't heard from Kayla's coach so it's not as bad as it's going to be I guess and atleast it's warm this week so I will not freeze at practice in the evenings.  Have a great week!


Billie Jo said...

You guys always have so much fun!
Have a great week, my friend.
Hugs from coooold Pa!!!

Leslie said...

Hi Shannon, You have one the plush hearts:) and I need your contact info so we can mail them out to you.