Monday, March 9, 2015

Weekend Recap

Is it really already Monday!??
This weekend went by way too fast!
Saturday morning I was up too early, for me atleast, I got Brooklyn ready for her softball pictures and off we went to wait and wait and wait.

Eventually she was done and it was back home for Kayla to get ready and grab a snack and then the entire family headed back to the fields for her pictures.

We waited even longer this time around since they were an hour!! Yes and hour behind and standing in the sun it was HOT but she sure looks cute still.

Brooklyn was hot and hungry and trying very hard to entertain herself while we waited what seemed like forever for Kayla to be done.

I decided I would take her over to get her free hot dog, chips and drink that both the girls got for picture day.  They were seriously super excited that I agreed to let them have a soda...what is happening???!! 

After everyone was done with pictures, hot dogs and running around with friends we headed back home and the girls played outside while daddy did the yard work.  Dinner was out to eat at Chili's and then back home for showers some cartoons and bedtime.  We woke up around 1 in the morning to Brooklyn throwing up which I honestly thought was just due to the horrible eating that occurred during the day because obviously she was completely fine earlier,

But when I took her temperature Sunday morning she was running a fever and she would not eat anything.  We kept her cuddled up and comfy with lots of water and a bowl nearby just in case.

Kayla had to do some homework and worked on making her Leprechaun trap while I headed out to get my weekly grocery shopping done.

Since Brooklyn was sick we had to cancel dinner out to celebrate my moms birthday which meant I had to make something.  I made sure to pick up something healthy after a weekend of unhealthy eating and we enjoyed a light pasta salad with some salmon.  Poor Brooklyn missed dinner since she was sleeping but later ate some cheerios instead. 

This morning came too quick and everybody slept in, I had to wake Kayla up at 7:15 and Brooklyn woke up but later went back to sleep after we dropped Kayla off at school.  She is feeling much better but still has a bit of a fever, hoping this week goes by quickly and nobody else gets sick!  Softball games start tonight so there will be lots of running around, we don't have time for anyone else to get sick.


Kelli said...

Your salmon looks wonderful... How did you make it?
Cute pictures from your weekend!

Becca said...

poor baby! I'm glad she's feeling better!