Friday, March 6, 2015

This Week

I'm so happy it's Friday, this week has kicked my behind!  I've been exhausted from running around all week and just could not get caught up on sleep for some reason.   Monday was cold and raining so thankfully the girls practices were canceled making the perfect night for some chicken noodle soup and hanging out.

Brooklyn has been drawing a lot lately and Monday morning while I was working out she decided to draw the girls who are on my workout DVD.  Hubby died laughing at the picture, I was a little worried about how scary she perceives the work out girls are.  They definitely are much prettier than portrayed here but atleast she got the outfits down, right?!

Tuesday night was Kayla's last Sundance Singers performance for Dr. Seuss night.  We had so much fun watching her sing and dance to some cute songs.

As soon as that was over with off we went to Brooklyn's Pre K to visit for Open House.  She was super excited to share all her work with us.

I have loved this preschool and have never been disappointed with anything but I was definitely disappointed this night!  The above picture of Brooklyn with her monster was the absolute only thing that was displayed that she had made all on her own.  The other things although cute are pictures that the teachers did on their own.  In the past they have always had a room full of fun art that the kids have made.  Christmas time was beyond awesome and full of cute art so I'm not really sure what happened for open house but I was not impressed.

Thankfully she will be moving on to Kindergarten at another school and I know open house next year will not disappoint!!  Spring Break is now going to consist of some fun art projects in this house.  They are only little once and I'm gonna need lots of fun art to pull out of boxes years from now!

The girls had practice on Wednesday and Thursday so we had been rushing from school to home and off to a practice all while the read-a-thon has been going on.  Kayla has been reading whenever she can to keep caught up.

Softball games start next week so things are going to get even more hectic.

Thursday morning I told Brooklyn I was going to clean her earrings and I pulled them out and put her new ones in.  She was so excited to change them out and Friday morning I snuck a fun new pack of earrings next to her toothbrush for her to find.  She was so happy to have some fun new choices to choose from now.

This weekend is full of softball pictures and celebrating my moms birthday so I'll be back next week with hopefully some more pictures.
Have a great weekend!


Billie Jo said...

Preschool should be full of crafts!!!!
Your girls are always so smiley!!!
Have a great weekend...
Sneak a nap in. Or two. : )

Kristine said...

B's drawings are awesome! 👍