Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter Eggs and Brooklyn's Easter Party

Eggs were originally going to be done Friday night but Friday night came and mommy was way too tired to clean the kitchen from dinner to set up egg dying for the kiddos so this morning right after coffee and tea for us parents we got down to business!

Kayla and Brooklyn waiting patiently for everything to get set up

Quick outfit update and we were ready to go

Oh how nice it is to let them go at it.   I do miss having toddlers in the house but little things like watching them dying eggs without worry is so nice!

We are officially ready for the bunny to drop in tonight.  The girls are so excited to find out what is left behind and I'm pretty excited to hear those squeels of delight bright and early tomorrow morning!  Pajamas are on and the girls each have jelly beans to snack on while we all watch Peter Cottontail before they are off to bed.
Happy Easter Everyone!


Thursday morning I helped out in Brooklyn's class for their Easter egg hunt and celebration.   This would be the last holiday party of the year and I was happy to be a part of it and a bit sad that next year although she will have a few holiday celebrations they will not be as fun as they were in Preschool!

While their teacher read them the story of Easter I helped set out their Easter treats for them and also helped hide the eggs for them to find outside.  Brooklyn chose only to eat the fruit and decided she didn't want her cookie....who's kid is this???


Once they were all done eating they were let loose to find some Easter eggs

Here's Brooklyn with her Easter bucket filled with eggs!

When all the eggs were found they turned in their buckets and got to spend the rest of the day playing.  Brooklyn loves to swing and she's pretty darn good at it!

The playground is flooded with rollie pollies so she spent the rest of her playtime collecting them with her friends

I think they found enough!

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