Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Spring Break

Happy 1st of April!!
Our Spring Break went by way too quick.  I tried to fit in as much fun with my girls as we could but things got hectic with running around since we decided to purchase a trailer mid week meaning the rest of the week meant stocking up on some camping necessities.  All in all the girls were great helpers and were just happy to be out and about with each other.   
When we picked Kayla up from school Friday afternoon I surprised them and headed straight to the yogurt shop to grab a fun dessert to start off the break.  I just love having these two cuties with me all day, I miss them terribly when they are at school!

 Saturday was the most amazing weather and our day started out at the softball fields watching Kayla's game and then my parents joined us back at our house for some lunch.  When they left the girls were begging for the pool to come out.   They were in swimsuits playing in the water until 7pm!!
Nobody went inside the house all day except to grab a drink or get dinner which we also ate outside.

Sunday we met up with family to celebrate my mom's birthday at a favorite restaurant.  

I love spending time with this little guy.  He is so cute and silly, can't wait to see him in a few more days for Easter too!

For dessert the girls ordered a kids ice cream sundae........

can you tell they were excited to see their sundaes looked more like an adult dessert!!??

Monday morning the girls and I went to see Cinderella and I LOVED it as did they.  Brooklyn got bored in a few spots but otherwise we all really liked it.

Since we were already at the mall we stopped in to take pictures with the Easter bunny and then the girls and I went to Old Navy so they could use some gift cards.

Tuesday night Brooklyn had a game so we hung out at home all day.  Wednesday morning I took the girls to a trampoline park nearby and they had a blast.  Brooklyn was a bit timid at first as always but eventually warmed up and had fun.  Kayla of course loved every minute of it.

They were starving after all that jumping so we went to Chick-fil-a for lunch

While we were out and about hubby had called and asked if we wanted to meet him after work at the trailer dealership to try and make a deal on the one we were interested in.
Here are the girls in front of their new trailer!

We've always wanted one and we are so excited to start our camping adventures.  I've already got four trips planned and on the calender!

Friday morning I decided to take the almost hour and half drive out to our nearest Ikea to get some goodies for our trailer.  The girls really were great helpers, they both grabbed bags and took turns filling them up but towards the end of our shopping trip they were running from store map to store map to find out how close we were to the end

Since they were so good I told them we could stop at In N Out for lunch which sure made them happy

Finally back home they were back to their normal shenanigans 

Saturday morning we were back at the softball fields to watch Brooklyn this time

My cute lil' catcher

After the game we went and picked up our trailer and brought home to fill up with all the items we purchased so far.  The countdown is on for our first trip!

Sunday we lounged around and the girls worked on making their own Easter friends to add to their rooms.

 In the afternoon we went to my mother in laws to celebrate Palm Sunday with family.  The girls had a great time hanging out with one of their cousins and having an Easter egg hunt.  We got home late and everyone went to bed because Monday morning we were back to our regular school schedule.


Kelli said...

It sounds like you had a great and busy week. Mod the girls get any time around Easter off?
How fun that you have a makes camping even more fun and enjoyable! Any trips to Northern California?

Lin | Timeshare attorney said...

so cool ! enjoy

Jill said...

Looks like a fun filled Spring break! The camper is awesome, congrats... you will be creating so many new and wonderful family memories while camping. :-) Have a great day!