Friday, April 10, 2015

Ten On Ten

Sharing our April Ten on Ten over here.
Can't believe that after today there will only be one more Ten on Ten happening during the school year and after that it will be Summer vacation!!!  Whoohooo, I'm officially on count down mode but for now here is a school day Ten on Ten.

ten on ten button

Kayla is up early on most mornings and lately when I get up I find her in bed enjoying a book,

All ready to take Kayla off to school, we are so happy it's Friday!

After dropping Kayla off at school, Brooklyn and I did some grocery shopping and then it was back home where I hunkered down to pay bills, order some camping necessities and get both girls all signed up for soccer in the Fall.  It felt like I sat here forever but I got a long list of things done.  Thank goodness for the internet, what was the world like without it!!??

Brooklyn stayed entertained by dragging all the cars out to the family room which she played with in between watching 'The Book of Life'.
(It's now the end of the day and she has watched this movie 4 times today!!)

Baked up some of our favorite peanut butter m&m cookies which we must save and not eat all of them since they are for tomorrow

After baking I cleaned the kitchen until it sparkled so I took a picture.  I never take pictures of our kitchen because truthfully it is the one thing in our home I dream of changing.  Someday I will have my all white dream kitchen but until then this is where all my cooking and baking takes place.   Now that I see this picture I realize those flour, sugar and tea canisters on top of my cabinets are going to be sold tomorrow morning at our yard sale, they look horrible and our barstools are soon going to be painted because that white just stands out too much!   Funny how you notice things in  a picture more than when you just look on your own.  Oh and one last thing, I love my trailer cookie jar over there in the right corner my mother in law got us for Easter, so cute!!

My PopSugar Box arrived today.
The candle below is my favorite, it smells amazing and I'm buying more to use as gifts asap!

I picked up this little rock star today and she was wearing her new shirt.   She reached one million words read this year and was so excited to get this shirt and a coupon for a free milkshake at Baker's.  Love my smarty pants!

In my next life I want to be a cat.  With all of the chaos going on around this sweet kitty he just lays here quietly and naps!

Friday night game night!
Both of the girls had games tonight at the same time and lucky for me I could see them both playing at the same time which was great since they were both up to bat at the exact same time and both got great hits, Yay!

Happy Weekend!  I'm ready for bed.


Bron said...

Great collection...congrats to your girl...what a great achievement and so cool to be recognized. x

Kelli said...

I got my pop sugar box yesterday as well and LOVE the candle!!
I love your kitchen but I I now what you mean about a white kitchen all those years we looked for a new home the one thing I really wanted was a white kitchen. I love your barstools white they pip in your kitchen!
Enjoy your weekend!

Billie Jo said...

So much to love in this one!!!
Your girls...of course...the kitchen...the cookies!!!!
I always enjoy my visits with you!
Have a great weekend. : )

Kristine said...

Those PopSugat boxes hook you up!!! I'll have to look into that subscription.

In my next life I want to lounge around and be a kitty, too.

The girls are so cute in their softball gear. ;) What position does Kayla play? I know B is the team's catcher.