Friday, April 17, 2015

Life Lately

It's been a week since I've posted and all I've got is some iphone pics of what we've been up to.  The days are going by way too fast and there is only a little over a month of school left until Summer!!!  Most of our nights are spent at the ballpark for either games or practice and they ended up adding another game last minute for Kayla which meant 3 games and 1 practice in a week.  We weren't too happy about that but it ended up being a fun game that included the parents and the girls had a blast.  I have more pictures below but first let's start with the rest of the week,

Saturday night we were off to hang out with friends but mommy got the time wrong and we were gonna be an hour early.  Good thing there was a Wendy's nearby so we could stop and get some Frosty's!

The kids later that night winding down and watching Frozen after a fun night 

Sunday evening I made a delicious pizza pasta salad that everyone loved.  The weather was so nice we ate outside and were very sad the weekend was coming to an end.

Monday morning I decided it was time to start waking up early and working out again.  I figured walking to school would be a great little extra to my workout and the girls were happy to ride their scooters.

My Stitch Fix box arrived this week and I was so excited!!  I link up my Pinterest board so my stylist can see my style and get an idea of what I like and she did awesome!  I love, love, love the bag and was sent some cute clothes.  If you are interested in joining click here.  You only pay $20.00 and that is credited to whatever clothes/bags/accessories you want to buy!!!   Whatever you don't want you send back for free.  Prices for items are very reasonable and it is quite a treat to get this in the mail now and then.

I had completely forgot that the girls received these Snackeez cups in their Easter baskets so I pulled them out and filled them with cheez-its for school pick up.  They were pretty happy to find them in their seats when they climbed in the car.

While out and about running errands I had a bit of time to run into our library.  I grabbed The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks and have been reading it while waiting to pick up Kayla from school.

Brooklyn thought our kitty needed to keep warm so she covered him up and I swear he slept here all day!  I'm pretty jealous of the life he leads.

Last night was Kayla's extra game that the league added.  They had to play the game backwards meaning they batted opposite and had to run to third when they hit the ball.  Each girl got to bring one parent to play on the field with them and we nominated daddy.

It was pretty fun watching these girls laughing and just having fun without the stress of winning!

Whoohoooo it's Friday!!!
We walked/scootered to school again this morning and then I came home and did yoga while Brooklyn joined along now and then.  Today we are off to get some errands ran and then it's pizza and drinks for dinner cuz there is NO softball tonight!!

Have a great weekend!


Billie Jo said...

Loved your week, my friend!!!!
Flynn has the same Snackeez and is crazy about it!!!!
I'm crazy about that pizza salad!
Please tell me more about it!!!!!

Kelli said...

Your pizza salad looks wonderful..what do you use for dressing. This time of year all the salads start coming out.
Enjoy your weekend Shannon!