Monday, April 20, 2015

Weekend Recap

Another good weekend is over!
Friday night the girls played outside riding bikes, scooters and driving their car.  They disappeared for a bit going into the neighbors yard to play which we later explained to them that they need to come ask us in the future before just taking off!

Daddy was gone all day Saturday spending the day at the Long Beach Grand Prix with his brother so it was just us girls for the day.  Kayla had a game in the morning and then we rushed home to eat lunch and head out to a birthday party.

The party was for a little boy in Brooklyn's class that she just adores.  They both like each other and play so well together.  I was a bit nervous to go since I had only talked to his mom a few times and knew I would not know anyone there.   I had to bring Kayla as well since I did not have a babysitter.  She ended up having a lot of fun since he had a cousin the same age as her.  In fact everyone was very nice and we all had a great time!

Brooklyn made his birthday card and I about died when I saw the front of it.  Her and Brayden holding an umbrella together and she pointed out they were both wearing mittens.  In the inside she drew him balloons but they are superhero balloons, too cute!!  

When we got home, we all got cleaned up and cuddled up on the couch with some popcorn to watch 'The Karate Kid'  The girls loved the movie and I had forgotten how good it was!  There are so many movies these girls need to see still.  Can't wait to show them all of the 'Back to the Future' movies.

Sunday morning we all slept in and eventually the girls took over our bed (my favorite kind of mornings)!

Daddy said he would go get donuts and I did not object.  It was the perfect slow Sunday morning in our house.

Later on it was outside to play and eat lunch on the front steps 

Kayla volunteered to go to the grocery store with me to get food for the week

While I got dinner ready daddy went through the boxes of camping gear that have been arriving the last few weeks.  It's almost time for our first outing!  The girls were excited to see their very own chairs in their favorite color.

We ended the night outside.  The girls rode their bikes/scooter while hubby and I walked.  Why do the weekends have to go by so fast?!

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Kristine said...

I don't know why the weekends go by so quickly. *cries*

B and her beau are so cute together. :)

Cannot wait for pictures of your first camping trip. :)