Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Birthday Celebrations

This weekend we celebrated Kayla's 8th Birthday!  She had two parties, one on Saturday at the bowling alley with her friends and then on Sunday at home with the immediate family.   Before her bowling party even started she had a softball game and after the game her coaches brought her and another teammate cupcakes for their birthdays.

Later in the afternoon we headed to the bowling alley for Kayla's friend party.

All her friends had a great time and they were all really good.  They thought giving each other bunny ears was the funniest thing!

As soon as we got home and the girls took their baths out came the barbies.   They played the rest of the night with Kayla's new barbie and all of the other ones they could find.

On Monday I took donuts to share with Kayla's class per her request.  Everyone sang Happy Birthday to her and she got to pick a special treat from the class Birthday bag.

and if that wasn't enough when Kayla went to practice Monday night there was a cake for her and her teammate!

I think she lucked out with birthday celebrations.  I'll be back tomorrow with pictures from our family celebration.


Billie Jo said...

Happy Birthday to your girl!
And she seems to be the happiest little lady around!
Always smiling. : )

Becca said...

Look at her and all her adorable friends! Love it!