Wednesday, May 6, 2015

May 3 2015

 {whispers at the foot of our bed early Sunday morning}

Brooklyn ~ "Happy Birthday Kayla"
Kayla ~ "Thank you"
Brooklyn ~ "Let me see if I can still pick you up?"
Kayla ~ "You can't, I'm 8"

I love listening to their little voices and the things they come up with!

Kayla had a small surprise in the family room waiting for her when she woke up Sunday morning and after we all ate chocolate chip pancakes and sausage for her birthday breakfast she disappeared to her bedroom to finish up some homework.
  What??!!! who does homework on their birthday?  Kayla does!

She finished up quickly and then played with some toys before getting ready for some of the family coming over to celebrate her 8th Birthday.  We kept it small with just immediate family and all she wanted was tacos and burritos for dinner and instead of a cake she wanted a brownie with homemade cookies and cream ice cream.

It was just 8 years ago this day we had a tiny little baby! 

Sunday was such a perfect day for everyone to get together and celebrate Kayla.  The kids played in the bouncer and chased bubbles when they weren't being chased by papa.  The rest of us sat around and enjoyed the relaxing day.

The uncles held a quick batting practice for the girls

Then it was time for presents!

Once again I can't believe she is 8!  She had such a fun weekend celebrating with friends and family and got some great gifts.  She's been busy the last few days with school and softball but has been playing with all her new gifts every minute that she can.  I'm looking forward to school being out so I can hang out with this girl a whole lot more!


Georgia said...

This is my first comment to you but I have been reading your posts for quite awhile. Your daughters are such sweeties and I love hearing about what they are doing! You are the kind of Mom I tried to be.........not quite as successfully as you..........but I did try and now my son is nearing his 28th birthday and my daughter will be 33 In daughter will be 33 in December! They do grow up fast and I love the way you savor every moment with each of your girls! Keep enjoying every minute and writing your blog so I can enjoy it to!!

Becca said...

LOVE the pic of you and Chris holding her like a little baby! So sweet! Happy birthday, Kayla!!!