Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Camping at the Beach Part 2


Friday night when we arrived at San Onofre it was sunny and perfect.  The girls were very patient while we got everything set up and once we were done we headed over to Trail 1 to get down to the beach.  The trails are pretty long and steep in some spots but Trail 1 isn't that bad and was the closest trail to us that allowed dogs on the beach.  When we got down we were in heaven there was nobody on the beach except surfers making their way in and out of the water.  The girls played for about three hours and then it started to get a little chilly so we headed back up to rinse off and get ready for dinner.

It's doesn't get much better than this!!
If I could live in this spot forever I would be the happiest girl in the world.

My family

Saturday morning was overcast, which is not unusual at the beach and we knew we weren't going to go down to the beach until after lunch because it was too far to walk back up for lunch and carrying a picnic was not in the cards with the amount of things we already had to take down so most of the morning was spent keeping busy, coloring, playing card games, reading, digging in the dirt etc.

"Let's go surfing, it's in my blood" 
I don't know where Brooklyn gets these things but she is quite the comedian in our family.

Eventually we ate lunch and everybody was happy to get going.

The views from the top of the trails are the best

The trail down not so much.....especially at the end of the day with two exhausted girls trying to walk back up!!  But it's definitely worth it.

San Onofre is most known for the surf and the nature of the beaches.  Most days you can see tons of dolphins, seals and I'm sure a shark here or there but of course this was the first time I didn't see any dolphins which I really was hoping to see.  We did find a few skeleton bones here and there.

Cali enjoyed her relaxing time on the beach, she slept pretty much the entire time.

Daddy took both of the girls out a little farther so they could ride the waves in on their boogie boards.  Kayla loved it, she's such a dare devil.

Brooklyn not so much, don't let this picture fool you she ended her ride in tears and did not go out with daddy that far again.

These two are the very best of friends.  I just love watching them play together.

I really can't believe the girls played in the water the whole time.  We were down there for almost five hours and they never left the water.  Even a surfer that was sitting behind us said they were troopers.  All the guys out surfing were in full wetsuits cuz the water was so cold.

After we all got cleaned up and ate dinner Kayla, Brooklyn and I walked out to the top of Trail 2 so Kayla could take some pictures with her camera.  She spotted a bench that somebody carved the word Papa into so I took a picture of it.

and of course some of my pretty girls

We left Sunday to go home all a little sad that are next trip is over a month away.  The girls love the beach so much and always have a blast playing in the sand.  I could not be more happy about purchasing this trailer.  Only two trips in and it's been so much fun!

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