Monday, June 1, 2015

Camping at the Beach Part 1

School is not out until Thursday but this past weekend we had a little pre Summer camping trip down at the beach.  The girls and I had been waiting for this trip since we LOVE the beach.   We picked Kayla up early from school on Friday so we would have more time to play in the sand.  I took a ton of pictures because to me there is nothing prettier than the ocean!  Today I'm just posting the pictures I took with my cell phone and I'll be back with the good pictures soon.

We arrived at the perfect time since the clouds had just gone away and we were very eager to get camp set up so we could switch to our swimsuits and head down to the beach.

The water was freezing!!!  The girls did not mind at all but I kept my toes planted in the sand for the entire trip because I'm way too old for cold water.

I warned them that they should maybe not roll around as much cuz they are sleeping without a warm shower and they would be sleeping in all that sand that falls from their heads but they didn't listen of course.  I am happy that I thought of braiding their hair so we weren't left with tangled beach hair, the braids were definitely the way to go!

Trains run behind the campsite day and night which we got used to pretty quick.  Just about any beach camping along California you will have train tracks right behind you.  It's the price you pay for the pretty view.

The first nights dinner consisted of hot dogs, brats and these chili cheese fries we made over the grill.  So yummy!

Let's be honest though, all the girls cared about was getting on to the s'mores!

Brooklyn made a mess everytime she ate a smore, it would be smeared all over her face, hands etc. 

Brooklyn was exhausted Friday night but would not go to sleep which eventually ended with her saying she just wanted to go home.  I kept trying to get her to go to bed but she wanted to stay out around the campfire.  Eventually she went to bed and was fine the rest of the trip.

Coffee and a pretty view!

I love this picture of my three favorite people!

Saturday night Brooklyn went to bed around 9:30 and Kayla was excited to stay up later with just us.  She cuddled up in a ball on my lap for about an hour and it was one of my favorite things from our trip, my 8 year old sitting on my lap and cuddling with me!

Saturday night our neighbors were two dads and their two boys.  They were around Brooklyn's age and they all played hide and seek together until it got too dark.  Then I brought out some glow bracelets that they played a little more until bedtime.  They left pretty early the next morning and Brooklyn and Kayla waved and watched them drive off.

Soon enough it was time for us to go and the girls did not want to leave!  Kayla was very disappointed when she found out our next beach camping trip is not until July.  I explained how I've been trying to get one in June but everything is booked but she was still not happy. 

Hoping we get lucky and get another beach trip scheduled because we had so much fun!


Terry said...

Great pictures! The one of the girls sleeping is priceless!! lol.

Kelli said...

Great pictures Shannon. And camping on the beach...perfect!! You are going to. Have so. Inch fun with summer with all you camping trips!

Kristine said...

What a lovely trip! Love how the surfers look like they are posing for your scenic photo.

We love the ocean, too, it does wonders for the soul. ❤️