Friday, June 5, 2015

Pre K Graduation

Wednesday night my baby girl graduated from Pre K!!  She was so excited for this day, she was giddy all day waiting for the grandparents to arrive for some pizza and then to go and watch her ceremony.  This little girl loves being on stage and was especially excited to sing the songs they had been practicing for months!

On Tuesday she received a graduation gift from her school, her very own bible.  She loved it and is excited to read through it this Summer.  It feels like it was just yesterday that Kayla and I cuddle up every night before bedtime to read a chapter or two.

Lucky little lady received some beautiful flowers from her grandma and papa

and another bouquet from her papa Russ

Kayla, daddy and I gave her a silver heart necklace for all her hardwork

some pre graduation pictures before heading out for the big ceremony

On the stage getting ready to sing some songs and show us how they can count to 100!

Our family beyond proud of our little graduate

Brooklyn and her friend Alyssa, they became friends this year since they were in the same class and we're happy they will be attending the same Kindergarten next year. 

Brooklyn's best friend, Ali.  Unfortunately she is moving over the Summer and Brooklyn is a bit sad.

Brooklyn and her two little boyfriends.  Her teachers tell me how these boys walk around the classroom with their arms around her arguing over who is going to marry her.

When I picked her up on Thursday from her last day of school we went to Starbucks and she told me that Adam, the little guy below kissed her!!
on her cheek!
 I asked her what she did when he did it and she said nothing because she was too embarrassed.

Poor Adam, I don't think he has much of a chance since we already know Brayden's parents and she will see more of him since we are already planning playdates for the Summer.  Brooklyn is sad that neither of these little boys are attending the same school as her next year but I've assured her she will make plenty of new friends.

I'm going to miss her preschool so much, it's where Kayla went as well and it's always felt like home.  The teachers are amazing which makes it hard to say goodbye.

But the time had to come for my little girl to grow up and move on up.  Can't wait to see what next year holds for this little lady!

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