Thursday, June 4, 2015

Schools Out For Summer!!

It's finally here.......

Another school year has flown by and I can't believe I'm going to have a third grader and Kindergartner!!   This morning the girls took in their gifts for their teachers and boy am I looking forward to next year when they don't have two teachers each!!!

Both of the girls were excited and sad for this day!  Kayla said she was really going to miss her friends and teachers!  Look how much she changed over the school always amazes me what a difference there is from the first day to the last day of school!

Brooklyn grew a ton over the year!!
She said she was really excited for today because they were having popsicles and cookies but after we dropped off Kayla and Brooklyn and I were talking about what a great year she had in Pre-K she started crying.  Poor thing said she was going to miss her teachers too much.  I promised her she was going to have an awesome time in Kindergarten and she would have a lot of great teachers in the future and then she was fine.

After I dropped off the girls I came home and enjoyed my last quiet morning alone until school starts again!  I set up some Summer goods I picked up for them to see when they got home from their last day.

They each got a cute little Summer bag filled with a few more goodies as well.

Of course they enjoyed it all and got to playing with everything right away.

It's going to be a great Summer!


Billie Jo said...

you are the sweetest mommy! What a super surprise for you girls!
Have a wonderful, happy, sloooow summer out there! : )

Terry said...

Yay! Schools out!! Swimming, camping,movies and spending the night with grandma and papa and so much more!!Love my girls!