Monday, June 8, 2015

Weekend Recap

Saturday morning our community hosted its annual Summer in Sundance.  This is the third year they have done it and it just gets better and better.  Everyone who lives in our community is invited out to enjoy carnival rides, bounce houses, water slides, games, a petting zoo and In N Out all for free!  It is so much fun and we look forward to it every year!

Since it is only a few blocks from our house we walk over and we get there a little early so we don't have to wait in a long line for the free In N Out.  Kayla and Brooklyn spent some time playing while waiting for everything to open.

After we eat the girls are off and running from one ride to another.  The best part is watching them run up to their friends they see, they always scream and give each other hugs it's adorable.

After riding all the rides and hanging out with their friends they got some balloon animals.  Kayla chose a green elephant and Brooklyn got a pink bunny.

We had to stop in and see the adorable baby farm animals before going home.  I really wanted to stick a few in my bag to take with me but hubby wasn't on board with the idea 

The rest of Saturday was spent at home in the backyard playing.  I'm really loving the lazy days of Summer already!

Sunday afternoon Kayla and I drove out to my grandparents house down by the beach to take some pictures of them for their anniversary.  Kayla was coming along to help me out and get some mommy/daughter time in.   We made sure to stop and get some yogurt before getting to work.  Below is the view from my grandparents balcony.  It's so pretty, especially at night with all the lights!

She was a good helper holding things while I took pictures although she would have much rather of been running through the ocean!!

After we were done taking pictures my grandparents took us out to dinner and I ordered the most delicious seafood pasta!  I wish I could eat this again and again it was so good. 

My grandparents were so happy we came down and I was really glad I brought Kayla along so she got some extra time to spend with them.  She is so lucky that she has the chance to really know her great grandparents!

This weekend was the perfect start to our Summer vacation.  This week we have nothing planned, just swim lessons with the girls and then swimming at my father in laws over the weekend.  
Can't wait!


Kristine said...

So many generations = so awesome. The girls are really fortunate to have a relationship with their great grandparents!

Kelli said...

Sounds wonderful! I lost my last living grandparent my grandmother this fall and boy do I miss her. Grandparents and great grandparents are so special! The view from their home is amazing!