Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Ten On Ten

ten on ten button
So far we are enjoying our first week off from school.  We haven't actually done anything this week just swimming lessons in the evenings.  The girls have been spending their days coloring, playing in the backyard, playing legos and just basically lounging around so far.  Today is our first Summer version of Ten on Ten so you can take a peak at our lazy Wednesday activities!

I love that quote!!  So true to Summer

Sleeping in is the best part of Summer!  The girls don't do much sleeping in but they are quiet so I can sleep in a bit and Kayla even wanted to get breakfast ready for her and Brooklyn this morning.

Brooklyn wanted to cuddle and read her highlights magazine after she ate.

We checked in on our new little friend.  We are so excited to have little babies right outside our back door!

Today we pulled out some crafts and the girls painted some sea animal magnets while I worked out.

My very least favorite thing to do is iron but it needs to get done.  I promised myself last time I would not let the pile get too big and I must say it was much quicker getting it done this time around!

I spent most of the day yesterday cleaning and bringing out some Summer decor only to realize this morning I'm going to have to change it all around again soon when I bring out the 4th of July decorations.

 I decided to make some peanut butter cookies and the girls helped out and then enjoyed licking the beaters as always.

All cooled off and packed away so we don't eat all of them at once!

The girls have swim lessons, today is their test to see if they pass or not.  After we get home it's outside for the rest of the evening watching them play in the yard until we eat dinner and then get ready for bed.
Happy Summer!

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Deborah said...

You have a beautifully decorated summer home. . I have the same Happy Everything plate. Love it. Thanks for sharing.