Friday, June 12, 2015

Our Week

First week of Summer down and not enough weeks to go!  I'm loving our lounging around and staying in our pj's until we feel like getting dressed days.    I don't love the arguing that I've already had to deal with but good thing I have that picture above to show the girls when they aren't being so sweet.   I will say the loving moments do out number the fights and when I stumble upon moments like this below all is forgotten.

We didn't do much this week besides swimming lessons.  Next week we have more planned but we took the first week easy just enjoying not having to be up early and rushing out the door.

The girls both passed their swim levels and were pretty sad it's over.

The last day they get a free day to play on the water slide or just swim around.  Brooklyn steered clear of the slides but Kayla went down them a handful of times.

Kayla came by to give Brooklyn a piggy back ride in the pool

Brooklyn always wants her hair in a ponytail especially on hot days so after her shower the other night I asked her if she wanted her hair short and she said yes.  Since it was already wet we took care of it right away and she loves it.  She looks so cute with her little Summer bob.

We have been reading her bible she received from graduation and the other night she told me I couldn't go in her room until bedtime.  When it was time to read she was proud to show me how she had gotten everything ready for us to climb in bed together and read.

Kayla was not so happy with the fact that Brooklyn was getting some extra mommy time, we had invited her to join but instead she wanted me to read with just her as well before bed.  She picked out a book for us to read and we are both enjoying this slightly different version of The Wizard of Oz that we had known from the movie.

Since we've been home everyday we've been spending time doing crafts or playing with gifts Kayla received from her birthday. 

She's working on uncovering some dinosaur bones here.

Brooklyn loves exploring in the backyard or just playing in the water.

We've done some coloring.

We brought out the rainbow loom which we had never done.

Let's just say I'm not much of a fan of these.  The bracelets are cute but they are pretty frustrating.  We've made 3, one for Brooklyn, one for Kayla and one for me.  Kayla starts them and then I get to finish them because she gets too frustrated with them.  After she made mine we decided we were done for awhile!

We have all been looking forward to the weekend because we are heading into Palm Springs for a day to spend some time at my father in laws swimming.  The girls have the best time and so do hubby and I so it's always one of our favorite ways to spend a Summer day.  

I've got the pool bag packed and ready to go along with breakfast made for the weekend as well.


Terry said...

Sounds like a fun and relaxing week. Enjoy your day at Russ's.

Becca said...

Brooklyn's hair looks adorable! I am so glad Kayla's enjoying her dino bones set! I can't wait to see you all Sunday!