Friday, June 19, 2015

Life Lately

Another week of Summer has come and gone.  I'm so happy cell phones have cameras these days.  It makes it so easy to capture little moments of our day.  Here is what we've been up to.

Saturday we spent the day swimming at my father in laws.  We all look forward to swim days over there!  The girls took some new pool toys over to play with in the pool and at one point Brooklyn swam over and said "ummm this is not good, the shark is stuck in my hair".  It didn't end well, we had to cut it out of her hair but thankfully you can not tell.  Needless to say those pool toys were taken out for the remainder of the day.

Three years ago this crazy water girl was terrified of swim lessons and would cry scream every time we went.  Now she is a fish and has no fear in the water.

My girls

Monday we met up with Brooklyn's best buddy at a local trampoline park.

They all had a blast and after an hour of jump time we went to Chickfila for lunch where they played for another hour after they ate.

These two both say they are going to get married someday and he always holds her hand.

Tuesday Brooklyn finally got the three point harness taken out of her seat and was so excited to be wearing just a seatbelt!  When we were out and about running some errands I looked back to see her looking out the window with the biggest smile and asked her why she was so smiley.  She replied with "I'm a big girl now!"

Brooklyn will try on anything that she can find lying around while we are out shopping so of course at Home Depot she found these giant hats and put it on.  Kayla ran over to get one on and I had to snap a pic of my two silly ladies.

It was time to return our library books so we made sure to stock back up on some new ones.

Wednesday morning we met friends at the park for another playdate.  It was hot but luckily there was a lot of shade.  They played happily for two hours straight until it was time to head home for lunch.

Kayla had been begging to use her easy bake oven again so they made some pizzas to go along with their lunch

Father's day weekend is here so while I put together all of the gifts the girls got to work on their cards to daddy.  They are both so creative!

We are hosting a little fathers day get together tonight for my father in law and the rest of the weekend is filled with other fathers day festivities.

Have a great weekend!

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