Friday, July 3, 2015

Our Week

I can't believe tomorrow is the 4th of July already!  We love the 4th over here and look forward to celebrating with family every year.  I've got lots to do but wanted to drop in and share our week first so I don't forget

The girls have been enjoying their Summer very much and have been their usual crazy selves most of the time.  We've tried to keep busy by doing something fun most days but we have definitely had our share of lazy days as well.   Usually on our lazy days I try to fit in some sort of craft to make them happy.  Monday I had them paint these large rocks using red, white and blue paint so we could use them for a decoration in the yard on Saturday. 

Our library has a ton of fun programs for kids throughout the Summer and since we are there often to get new books and dvd's we decided to stop in and check out the crafts they had that day. 

They both enjoyed some craft time but next week we will try out their lego challenge.

Thursday we met up for a playdate at the park so Kayla could hang out with her bestie.  They spent some time playing soccer, playing chase with her younger brother and Brooklyn and just hanging out under a tree talking about whatever two third grade girls talk about!?!

I recently ordered Kayla a magazine called Girls World.  I highly recommend this magazine it is super fun for kids her age and older.  There are games, silly quizzes, articles on favorite stars, stories, book recommendations etc.  It's a fun magazine for her and she really enjoys it.  Anywho I walked into her room the evening after it arrived and saw she had put up some of the pictures from the magazine.  I had to laugh because I remembered doing the same thing!

Well I'm off to finish up my last minute shopping for tomorrow and then it will be cleaning, baking and prepping for tomorrows party.  I'm going to try and share some or our home decorated for the 4th tomorrow but I'm not making any promises! 
Have a great weekend.

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