Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Silver Strands

This past weekend we camped down on Coronado Island in San Diego.  The beach was called Silver Strands and just might be my favorite Southern California beach I've ever been too!  It was so pretty, as soon as you walk down to the water you couldn't help but smile when you saw the sparkle in the sand.  It looked as if there was gold glitter sprinkled throughout the water and sand plus there are sand dollars everywhere.  Finding one that isn't broken is the goal!

The girls didn't waste any time getting into their swimsuits while daddy got the trailer set up.

The water was not too cold this trip so I didn't mind putting my feet in unlike our last camping adventure.

It was a little windy and Brooklyn thought it was hilarious that her boogie board worked like a kite flying in the wind.

She's my seashell buddy and has eyes like a hawk!  She spotted a handful of teeny tiny sand dollars for us to bring home and the very last day when we had just about given up hope at finding a large one she spotted one while out boogie boarding.

Kayla prefers to be out in the water as much as possible and loves it when daddy goes out with her because that means she gets to go out a lot further to catch some real waves.

Eventually the clouds came in and it got pretty cold so we headed back to the trailer to get ready for dinner. 

Kayla did some reading inside while Brooklyn rode her scooter around

No dull moments around here

After dinner we took a family stroll on the beach 

When we got back to our campsite the girls wanted to ride their scooters.  The little girls right across from us set up a popcorn stand so I ran in to get some quarters for the girls to buy some

Kayla was inside the trailer at the time complaining about being bored.  If she is not entertained at all times she is not happy!  She just happened to come out to complain to me right when the popcorn was being served and all was good again.  I told her maybe she could give the girl one of her rainbow loom bracelets and ask her if she wanted to ride around with her.  Friday and Saturday night was spent with Kayla, Brooklyn and their new friend Olivia riding around and delivering popcorn to people all over the campgrounds.  They had so much fun and we loved that nighttime was all about kids everywhere riding around on bikes and scooters having a blast together.

Saturday morning was coffee and breakfast burritos on the beach

Then back to put swimsuits on to play

There were dolphins swimming by all morning while the girls played and daddy spotted a hermit crab wandering around

ignore the flip flop tan and take a look at the glittery sand!!

Unfortunately after only an hour on the beach it got way too cold so we cleaned up and changed into dry clothes just in time since it began pouring as soon as we got into our trailer!  There was no rain in the forecast but it definitely poured.  The girls were not happy and we were all a little bummed but I popped in a movie and gave the girls a blanket, we ate some lunch and all was good again.

The sun came out again for a bit and we quickly got in swimsuits.  It was still a little cold but the girls got a little more beach time in before hubby and I couldn't take the cold anymore and we once again went back to the trailer.  The girls rode scooters and played with their friends for a bit when we decided to take a walk to a nearby park we heard about.

On our way over Brooklyn spotted this caterpillar in some bushes #hawkeyes

While the girls played on the playground hubby and I tried our hardest not to fall asleep

Once we were back at the campsite it was back to riding around with their friends

Sunday afternoon we would be heading home and of course the skies were clearer than the day before so we took full advantage of what time we had left and spent as much time on the beach as we could before packing everything up to leave.

Kayla is such a water girl.  She loves boogie boarding and cracking up at herself whenever she wiped out.

Sunday morning was the most fun of course since we had to leave but I'm very thankful we got some more time to play.

Brooklyn loves chasing the birds.  She would stop whatever she was doing and take off down the beach to run after one.

Fly Bird Fly

About a half hour before we left Brooklyn found this sand dollar way out in the water #hawkeyes  She was so proud of herself and I was sooo excited to finally have a large one!  Unfortunately it was still alive so we put it back out into the ocean so it could live out the remainder of it's life.  We decided we have plenty of time to find another one since we will be making as many trips back as possible!


Tara said...

The one of you and your hubby on the beach... adore! And the one of the girls all snuggled into their camper bed... adore!

What a fun summer you are creating for your girls! I love seeing all of these fun pictures!

Bmore Bungalow said...

It looks like your family had a great time. Beautiful pictures.