Saturday, August 8, 2015

End of Summer Picnic

Yesterday the girls and I headed up to our favorite picnic spot for our yearly End of Summer Picnic.  We have done this every year for the past four years, it's one of my favorite back to school traditions but this year it came way too quick!

We set up for lunch right away and after we were done the girls took off to play soccer and run around for a bit.

I made them take a break a few times so I could get some up to date pictures of these faces

They are getting older so fast!

We read lots of back to school books and Brooklyn collected a few items to bring home while Kayla gave me quizzes from her Girls World magazine.

On the way back home the girls really wanted to stop at a favorite spot.  They love walking across the bridges at Riley's Farms and they also always enjoy floating sticks in the stream so they really wanted to go play around there before heading home.

Of course we stopped but the girls were a little sad there was not nearly enough water this time to float anything down stream.  We need rain so badly!

They instead wandered around awhile exploring

Before we left I begged them to sit where I remembered I took a picture years ago of them in the same spot.  It just so happened that when I got home and looked up that picture that it was taken the year Kayla started Kindergarten.  I've always been bummed that Kayla wasn't in focus in that picture but now I have one with them both in focus just a lot bigger #tears

 None of us want to say goodbye to Summer but it seems like we are as ready as we are going to get.
5 days to go

Past End of Summer Picnics

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Kelli said...

Looks like a fun afternoon. Nicolas and Juliana start on Tuesday. :(