Monday, August 10, 2015

Ten on Ten

ten on ten button
August Ten on Ten already!!
We are days away from back to school and nobody wants it to start yet.  I feel like we need more time, time for fun, time for lazy, more crafts, more swimming, another beach day etc.  I'm trying to wake up earlier than I have been all Summer to slowly get used to the early mornings school days bring.  I'm not a morning person so the little things like lighting a candle as soon as I wake up make it a little bit better I suppose.

Brooklyn came out this morning with some pretty jewels on and her baby duck dressed and ready for the day.

She had been requesting cheese egg sandwiches for a few days and today I finally had the time to make her one

This just makes me sad....

Got some grocery shopping out of the way

While the girls played I made a fun Back to School banner

Kayla was supposedly working on some Legos in her room but I found her napping on her floor instead, it was a busy fun weekend for her.

The girls had a dentist appointment today and their favorite part is of course the toys they get to pick from the treasure box at the end.  I guess we have enough girl toys and needed some more cars

A chai latte for me while the girls were off playing with their new toys.  I love my Bluebird Cafe mug my parents brought back from Nashville and can't wait til Nashville comes back on t.v.

our days end with soccer practice just about every night and then home to eat dinner and ready for bed.

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