Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Game Night

One of the items on our Summer Fun List was game night, we weren't quite sure when we were going to fit this night in since Soccer practices were starting this week and every night now until school is busy but luckily for us last Thursday night a huge storm moved in and we were stuck inside so I made our favorite homemade macaroni and cheese and while we ate we played a few rounds of Hello Kitty Bingo at the table.

After we were all done eating we moved to the family room and played CandyLand and Trouble.  We usually play a few more but with time not on our side we cut the games short.  The girls were still happy to play and it is always a fun and easy way for us all to spend some time together.  Now that we have soccer every week night I'm definitely going to miss our relaxing family dinners together!

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