Saturday, August 1, 2015

Life Lately

This past Sunday hubs and I took off for a little getaway to Las Vegas.  We only went for two nights but it was the perfect amount of time to rejuvenate after a Summer of camping and being home with the girls.

We had an awesome view from our hotel and ate delicious food at fancy restaurants where it was actually quiet and we didn't have to tell someone numerous times to chew with their mouth closed or sit still!

We enjoyed lots of tasty drinks

and my favorite part, spending an entire day at the pool with a mojito or two!

We found a secret pizza joint hidden in our hotel that served some great pizza. 

Tuesday we picked the girls up from my parents and then came home to find the girls had received some postcards from friends!  Their buddy Landon sent one to them both all the way from Florida while he was on vacation with his family.

Brooklyn got one from her best buddy Braden who was visiting his grandma up in Washington.  Both the girls were pretty excited to get some special mail from their friends.

Wednesday morning we were up early and off to gather all the girls soccer gear for the practices that start next week and Thursday morning we headed to our local library for their end of Summer carnival.  I was automatically wishing we didn't go because it was miserable with the heat and humidity but the girls still somewhat enjoyed it.

Finally on Friday morning we got to lay around in our pajamas and watch old episodes of Full House and their favorite, The Price is Right.  

Next week is our last full week of Summer and I'm pretty bummed it went by so fast.  I'm trying to plan some fun things for us to do but also want to enjoy some of our last lazy mornings together before the crazy morning school rush begins!


Kelli said...

Next week ks our last full week of summer vacation as well:(
Sounds like a fun week with some adult time. It was so hot here last week as well!

Becca said...

Such a cute idea that their friends sent postcards! So fun!