Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Last Days of Summer

Well here we are the very last day of Summer, say it isn't so!!!   The girls started soccer practice last week so every evening we have been at somebody's practice.  This is Brooklyn's first year playing and Kayla's second except she didn't play the last two years so we'll see how it goes.

Last week we made sure to meet daddy for a lunch day. 

At almost six years old, she still makes a mess while eating.

Wednesday night we BBQ'd with some friends or had Wine Wednesday, either way it was lots of fun.  The kids ran around and played and then settled down to watch Sofia the First at the end of the night.

Of course our cooler temperatures we had been having are now gone since school is starting so to beat the heat we stopped at Wendy's for some Frosty's after running some errands.

and Kayla received her favorite mail!!

This past Sunday we went to an Angel's game with my husbands brothers.  It was a great time until the game lasted four hours to long!!!

Daddy was gone Monday night so I let the girls stay up til 10 and watch a movie in my bed.  

Yesterday the girls spent the morning and afternoon painting!

Some things I will really miss about this Summer:

~listening to the girls sweet voices singing along to Kids Bop while coloring or crafting
~morning cuddles while watching t.v. in the morning
~the girls climbing into bed with me when they wake up or finding Brooklyn in my bed if I got up already
~watching the Price is Right, they get very excited when someone they want wins
~going out to lunch with both my girls
~reading books before bedtime and extra cuddle time with Kayla 
~listening to the girls play together, they have the best imaginations and get along so well!

Tonight the girls have Meet the Teacher and Back to School night all in one so it's going to be a busy night before school!  Right now Brooklyn is really excited to start and Kayla is so/so on the situation.   I'm really hoping tonight when Kayla sees her class and friends she will be more excited.   Here's to hoping the only tears shed tomorrow are mine!

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Tara said...

I love how you packed in the fun and goodness on the last days of summer. You sure gave your family a loved, sunny, special summer to remember!