Friday, August 14, 2015

Back to School

This morning was Kayla's first day of third grade and Brooklyn's first day of Kindergarten.  Kayla was up first and hung around with me while I showered and got ready.  She was fine and pretty excited when she walked into the kitchen to see the table set up and find her backpack waiting for her.   Brooklyn came in right after and was super excited as well.  Kayla even said she thinks this year will be fun because she was looking forward to some of her friends making her laugh.   Well that all changed when she started to eat breakfast.  Her nerves kicked in and she began crying because her stomach was hurting. She told me over and over again how bad it was hurting and I had to explain over and over again that it was just her nerves and she would be fine.  She was definitely waiting for me to tell her she could stay home.  She followed me all around crying and I did all I could not to get very angry.  Brooklyn was so good and I was really worried Kayla was going to get Brooklyn crying too but Brooklyn was fine and still extremely excited.

Their outfits were not at all planned to match it just worked out that way.  I didn't even realize it until I was getting everything washed and ready for their first day.

We took our first day of school pictures and then we were on our way.  I explained to Kayla that I would not walk her up if she was crying and that I could not stay the entire time with her because I had to get Brooklyn settled in since it was her very first day of elementary.   Luckily once we walked onto the playground Kayla spotted some friends and all was well again.  She took off to play tetherball  at one point without even saying goodbye.  Brooklyn and I walked over and said bye and wished her luck and off we went to the Kindergarten side.  

showing Brooklyn where she can play soccer next year when she's in first grade

My favorite part of the day was Kayla coming around the corner to say one last goodbye to Brooklyn!  I will love this picture forever #tears #bestbuddies

Brooklyn was so ready!!!
She took off straight to the playground after this picture of her next to her backpack. 

she found one of her besties, Alyssa

the bell rang and off she went, didn't even worry if I was around!

I stayed and watched and got to go inside the classroom for a bit.  The teacher played a little video of the book 'The Kissing Hand'  which is a super sweet story and perfect for the first day of school.  Brooklyn played playdough and then we hugged and kissed goodbye.  She was so excited the entire time, she gave me one sad face before I left and then I was off.  

Reese's Pieces and Gatorade for my girls when they got home

It was nice having some time to myself this morning but it goes by pretty quick since I have to pick up Brooklyn at 11:40 so I can't get too much done but I'd much rather have her at school half day than all day!  I worried about Kayla all day hoping and praying she was having a good time and would be fine when I picked her up.

I knew Brooklyn would be fine at pick up and I was right, she had such a great time.  She couldn't stop talking about all the fun things they got to do, read books, sang songs, painted, watched a movie, played with new friends!  She can't wait to go back which makes me happy.

It was finally time to pick up Kayla and after spending an hour in the car and heat(really not liking pick up this year) she came out.  She said it was a good day and seemed happy.  She wasn't as excited as Brooklyn but I'm pretty sure third grade is not as awesome as Kindergarten!  I think she'll be fine tomorrow morning atleast.  We came home and she got to work on her first sheet of math homework and now the girls are watching some t.v. before we are out the door to soccer practice.
Atleast tomorrow is Friday!!! 


Billie Jo said...

Happy New School Year!
Your girls look absolutely lovely for their first day...
And you always do so much to make it special!
Prayers for a happy, healthy school year!!!!

Becca said...

They are both so sweet. Kayla is such a good big sister. I'm glad they both ended up having good first days!!