Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Soccer Games

Saturday at 8am Brooklyn had her very first soccer game.  She was very excited to play and really enjoys this sport.  Her age group only plays for about 30 minutes so the game goes quick!

Earlier in the week I sent a text to hubby saying "I think Brooklyn found her sport!"  She is very fast and is pretty darn good at running with the ball up and down the field.  

She is very aggressive when she plays as well, she makes a great defensive player, just look at that "don't mess with me face!"

She is constantly asking when she gets to go to practice or play in her game.

Kayla played soccer two years ago when she was Brooklyn's age but hasn't played since.  I never signed her up again because one she didn't really enjoy all of the running and two it is sooooo hot during the soccer season!  This year she really wanted to play so I agreed to sign her up.  So far it's still super hot and she still does not like all of the running!  By the time her game started Saturday it was in the 100's

Her games last about an hour and she is on much bigger field this year so there is a ton of running.  She did really good the first half of the game but by the second half she was just exhausted and overheated as were a couple of the other girls.

It's going to be a tad bit cooler but not by much this Saturday so we'll see how it goes.  I'm not sure if she is going to want to play again next season but you never know, a lot can happen in one season!

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