Friday, August 21, 2015

One Week Down, Too Many More to Go!

We made it through our first full week of school!  I'm sooooo happy it's Friday and I think the girls are too.  Brooklyn is still loving Kindergarten and really how could she not?  She brings home coloring pages everyday and is having so much fun thanks to her awesome teacher!  Kayla is all over the place with her thoughts about school.  She did fine most of the week but Thursday morning she was in tears saying her stomach hurt which was just because of her nerves.  I walked her and Brooklyn in to their classes and as soon as Kayla saw a friend she was completely fine.  It does however make my mornings with her extremely tiring.   By the time I am home from dropping both of the girls off I feel drained, emotionally!  I think it will get better in the next week or so because this week ended on a good note and she was a bit more excited today after school.

Brooklyn and I have to wait almost an hour to pick up Kayla.  If we don't get there early there is no parking, we walked to pick up twice this week but the other days were just too hot to be outside so we sat in the car and read or played I spy.

Kayla was very happy Thursday after I picked her up from school.  She was the first one in her class to reach 10 points for her AR goal, which is her reading goal.  This year all of the third graders get this chain where they get to add charms to for every 10 points they get.  She was a happy girl to be the first one to get one from her class!  I was so happy for her especially since Thursday morning was a rough one with her.

On Fridays the Kindergarten classes celebrate a color and this Friday was red.  They are supposed to wear as much red as they can and Brooklyn was really excited to be dressed in red, we even painted her nails red to match.  She requested a red snack for the day as well so she got a red juice and red gummy snacks and at home I gave her some red strawberries. 

So happy to have my girls home just wishing we didn't have to leave the house and go to soccer practice tonight!


Billie Jo said...

Prayers and hugs for your sweet girl, my friend...
That is always hard...
I'm glad she finished the week on a good note.
And I'm sure once she gets into the swing of things, it will get better.
And your kindergarten girl looks like she is loving it!
Why do they have to keep,getting older?
Those upper grades are just not as much fun!
Enjoy your weekend. : )

Tara said...

That first one... love how it says so much without saying anything at all...

Becca said...

I love the charm idea! I really hope it gets easier for Kayla and for you!!