Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A Day in the Life...

Since we were camping earlier this month and I missed doing a ten on ten post I thought I would share a glimpse of a day in my life.  I like looking back to see what the days were like back when so these are always fun for me.  I took these pictures last Tuesday on a normal school day.  Here's what a day around our home looks like.
I usually wake up around 6am and hop in the shower, by the time I get out the girls are both already up, Kayla is usually reading and Brooklyn is either playing in her room or laying in my bed.  We all make our way to the kitchen and I make the girls breakfast and get their lunches ready for school.  

After I lay out their clothes and get their toothbrushes ready I make my chai latte and check my email and read a blog or two

Soon it's time to drop the girls off at school

After drop off this day I went and did my weekly grocery shopping followed by putting it all away and then cleaning the kitchen up

Not much time left before I have to pick up Brooklyn but I make sure to enjoy every bit of it.  I almost always have a candle lit while I enjoy a few favorite shows I have recorded to catch up on.

I also made sure to enjoy some pumpkin brownies I had made the day before.

My time flies by and it's now time to pick up Brooklyn from school, fix her lunch and work on homework with her.

A few hours later it's time to head back to the school to pick up Kayla.  We usually have to wait a bit in the car so Brooklyn brings some books she has to read and we work on those.   I specifically remember her telling me how badly she needs a baby doll in this picture.  She was so sad until I reminded her she had one at home in her toy box which she now has with her at this exact moment.

Kayla's home and working on homework now! 

Time for an afternoon snack.
I try to be sneaky and give them healthy items but Kayla will not like it every time!!  Neither of them really enjoyed these smoothies, Kayla said it tasted too much like bananas?!  Ummm I would have thought the bananas would have been the yummy part!  The smoothies were actually good so I don't know what the problem was for them.  I guess I will not be buying them again though

After all homework was done the girls were off to play.  Kayla had practice this day and hubby had come home early to fix a broken pipe in the backyard so he said he would take Kayla to practice.  After they left for soccer, Brooklyn put a Halloween movie in and I grabbed a glass of wine and did some reading for a bit.

I decided to give Brooklyn an early bath so she would be jammied up for the evening.

Leftover soup for dinner heating up on the stove for when daddy and Kayla got home from soccer.

I turned off all the lights for dinner and lit a bunch of candles, Brooklyn thought it was so cool and Kayla complained it was too dark #sohardtoplease

After dinner while I cleaned up the kitchen, Kayla took her shower and got in her pj's.  We then all enjoyed some popcorn while watching It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.

The girls were in bed around 8 and then hubby and I enjoyed a few shows before off to bed as well so I could wake up the next day to do it all again!


Billie Jo said...

I simply loved this!
I know exactly what you mean about wanting to document our days...
And yours was perfect. : )
I love the love in your home.
And all that Halloween too!!!

Tara said...

Your day.... perfection! What a great idea. Something to look back on years from now. (and wishing years from now you could do that day again) I love all of the 'home' in your house and how you fill it with so much love. And that you tell us honest stuff (that we all have) like the part about the lights being too dark for one. Ha! So true. Wishing you lots of beautiful fall days just like this one.