Friday, October 2, 2015

This Week

This week has been BUSY!  We have had somewhere to be everyday after school so I'm really looking forward to tonight when hubby takes Kayla to practice so I can be home!!  I did make time earlier in the week to bake some chocolate chip pumpkin bread.  It's finally cooling off a bit around here and we may even get rain in a few days, fingers crossed! 

Brooklyn has been spending her time writing stories in her notebook whenever she can.  She draws pictures, colors them and writes a story exactly as her sister used to do all the time and still does when she has free time.  Love my creative little spirits.

Kayla was telling me how all her friends make their own lunches and said she wanted to make hers from now on.  I said sure!  Little did she know that didn't mean she could put whatever she wanted in her lunch.   She made sure to tell me I could leave to do other stuff because she could put everything in herself  and when I told her I still need to make sure she is putting healthy items in her lunch she wasn't too happy.

She got over it pretty quick and has been making her lunch for the past 3 mornings. 

Brooklyn found a fun craft in a magazine and decided she needed to make it for her teacher.  So we gathered all the supplies and a cute candy corn garland was made for her to take to her teacher the next day.

Wednesday was picture day for Kayla also known as the only day she lets me curl her hair!  She looks so pretty and grown up.

Brooklyn stayed home this day so I told Kayla I could drop her off on the big kid drop off side and she was pretty happy about that.  There she goes for the first time through the big kid gates to enter school. 

Brooklyn has been fighting a cold for awhile now but Wednesday morning she slept until 7:30 and woke up miserable and in tears.  Her throat and head were hurting so I kept her home since her picture day was Thursday and I didn't want her to miss it.  She rested all day while we read books and watched Halloween movies together.

She sounded a lot better on Thursday so off she went all pretty for her picture day. 

Thursday and Friday I picked up our little buddy from school along with Kayla and since he is a grade below her he gets out on the other side of the school which was amazing cuz I don't have to wait 30 - 45 minutes for pick up like usual.  So I took my time and went to Starbucks for a chai latte and then picked up the kids.

They came home and ran around like crazies until they got tired and then played Uno instead

The girls had some extra time before school so they popped in Spookley the Square Pumpkin to watch while they waited for me to get ready.

After school shenanigans with their buddy.  We stopped on the way home to pick up some Wendy's Frosty's to celebrate the end of the week.

After too much fun playing in the back yard their buddy went home and hubby came home and took the girls to soccer.  Now I'm relaxing at home and enjoying a glass of wine, the perfect way to end a very long and busy week!

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Tara said...

The candy corn banner... best Halloween decoration ever!