Thursday, December 31, 2015

Farewell 2015

Let's forget that 2015 is not ending on the best note and look back at all the amazing things that did happen throughout this year!  January was a slow and relaxing month, getting back to the school schedule after Winter break, we took a day and headed out to one of our favorite places, Balboa Island to enjoy the warm Winter weather we were having.  February the girls were just starting softball so nights were getting busy but we had time to have a fun scavenger hunt for Valentine's day and Kayla went to her first Father/Daughter dance where she had a blast dancing and singing with all her friends!  March was the beginning of a new adventure when we bought our first travel trailer.   We didn't get to use it until the end of April when we headed out for our first camping trip in the rain but eventually it cleared up and it was a memory we will never forget!  April was also Easter which we celebrated at our home with all our family together.  In May we wrapped up the softball season, Kayla turned 8!!, Mother's day was celebrated and we squezzed in a last minute camping trip to the beach and even though it was quite cold, we had a blast!  In June our little Brooklyn graduated from Preschool, we enjoyed Father's day celebrations with all the amazing dads in our lives and we camped again at our favorite spot so far, Silver Strands.   July came and we celebrated one of my favorite days of the year, the fourth of July.  We had a smaller crowd this year but still managed to have a great time as always.  We also camped down at Newport Dunes for four nights and hubby and I fit in an adults only getaway to Las Vegas.   August came too quick and the girls started soccer which they both fell in love with and unfortunately school began.  Kayla started third grade and Brooklyn started Kindergarten which she loves!  Kayla's school year started off a bit rocky but after about a month she was fine and enjoying it once again.  October we took our last camping trip of the year it was also the hottest trip of the year!  We had our annual Halloween party and enjoyed all the fun  costumes our family members came dressed in.  November we took our first family road trip to Arizona where we visited the Grand Canyon, Bearizona and surprised the girls with a ride on the Polar Express!  December came all too quickly and Christmas was here before we knew it, the day didn't go quite as planned but life happens.  The girls had a great time and that is what matters most to us.  I'm definitely ready for 2016 and the new adventures that it brings for our family!  We're hoping to fit in some more family camping adventures and roadtrips this upcoming year, that is when we aren't busy with softball and soccer.  Thank you all for following us along on our family adventures and every day life. 
Happy New Year!!!

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Becca said...

What an awesome year!!