Thursday, December 24, 2015

Gingerbread Houses and Elf Craft

I can't believe it's here!!
Merry Christmas Eve everyone!
I'm running around like crazy getting everything ready for the big day so this is just a quick post wrapping up some fun things we did this week.
Monday afternoon the girls got to work on their gingerbread houses.  We once again bought the Trader Joe's ones and they are by far still our favorite.  All I do is assemble the house and put the frosting where they tell me to and the girls do the rest.   

I love having these on display for Christmas and they are so proud of them when they are all finished.  Another plus is they smell delicious when you walk by them!

Brooklyn's Gingerbread House

Kayla's Gingerbread House

Yesterday I printed out pictures of the girls faces and they cut outfits out of construction paper and made themselves look like elves.

This was a bit more involved than I would have liked being right before Christmas but I really wanted to do these so we made it work.

Brooklyn elf before adding all the glitz

We did one for Jonas, my nephew as well.  I thought it would be super cute to have it on display for Christmas day when the cousins are all together.

How fun are these??
I don't know how I'm going to put them away next week!


Tara said...

I will for sure be getting those Trader Joes ones next year... they are darling!

Kristine said...

Oh, from IG I thought they were much smaller! Way cute!!!

Becca said...

I love the little people with the houses...maybe we'll try those kits next year! And the elves were such an awesome idea!